Jan. 8th, 2013

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Why do people always seem to die at the same time? Sunday night, my great aunt that lives here in Bloomington passed away. She was really cool and I'm kicking myself for not spending more time with her. I'm glad I did get a chance to see her and talk to her some, though, but I feel like I should've done a better job. Mmh.
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This is a positive entry focusing on both the good that happened on break and the good to come in the next week. I've been dwelling on death and that needs to stop. Neither my cat nor my great aunt would want that.

Over break, I had a great time with friends and family both. I regret not spending more time with my dad, but hey. Mom, Korey, and I went to Chicago for the Christmas market pretty early into break and had a great time. That trip also rekindled my love of art. Christmas Eve was lovely at grandma's, though I both missed my sister and was horribly jealous of her since they were in Hawaii. Grr. All my jealousy. Christmas itself was excellent, too. Both of these gatherings were special to me since they showed me just how much my family has accepted Korey. I never thought this was where our relationship would end up, but now I'm having trouble picturing a future without him.

It finally snowed hard after Christmas and I got my chance to play in the snow that I'd been dreaming of for the past few years. It was great, albeit short-lived. Sledding and snowballs and lovely hot chocolate once it was all done. Yes. Perfect.

I got a chance to see quite a few of my friends, too. Brooke turned 21 and I went out with her and her family for that. Later, Korey and I took DJ and Cody and met with Brooke and Stephanie (...and Brooke's girlfriend but I'd prefer to forget I had to deal with that child) at the mall. It was quite nice. I hadn't seen Stephanie in months, so getting a chance to catch up with her was wonderful.

New Year's Eve Korey and I went to my cousin and her husband's apartment for a small party, which was quite enjoyable and hilarious and fairly drunken. Spending New Year's with someone special is another thing I've wanted to do for a long time but never got the chance to until now.

On the 2nd we drove to Chicago again to get Katie. We went on a double date with her and her boyfriend in Chinatown, then drove back to Angola with her to end break on a pretty great note. She spent Sunday night and part of Monday here in Bloomington. We took her to the Kinsey Institute because she wanted to see it (...and now we have Kinsey scale shirts. Mine's a 5 and her's is a 4 lmao).

As for looking forward, Korey is here right now and I'm heading down to meet him. We're going to start looking for apartments. He's staying until Friday and going home for a night, then coming back for the rest of the weekend to celebrate our anniversary. I am so excited ;3;


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