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Finally, after over a year of fighting through insurance policies and the like to make this happen, I'm getting my bariatric surgery tomorrow. [ profile] haro is my surgery buddy; via weird coincidence she's getting a similar surgery tomorrow as well! (we're both doing a bariatric surgery, the difference is in the specific type) ngl I am a bit nervous, but mostly really excited.

So this post is for the following purposes:

1. To let you guys know what's up, since I'll be in the hospital for the next few days.
2. To leave a place for you guys to leave comments, picspams, videos, links, drabbles; whatever you may want to leave me for me to come home to when I'm released from the hospital.
3. To do a small Nekotalia picspam for [ profile] haro since she loves the kitties, and for me to come home to since they're so cute.

Wish me luck, guys!

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akdkwdjs apparently Mitarashi Dango is going on hiatus? This is not okay with me. I found an alternative place to ask for that AusHun doujin, but still. =T.

I finally felt good enough to go to the YMCA on Thursday! And I went yesterday too. That felt nice to do.

[ profile] tricolores are dumb and filled out one of those relationship apps on [ profile] hetalia_rate. You guys should go look at it and vote on it for something other than Spamano.

I finally get to see my friends today! Social life, you have returned to me! ;3;


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