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First thing's first; I officially have a new job! It's a pretty sweet deal, too. Basically it's temporary custodial work at the local high school. I got in because my dad's a teacher at the high school and he's done this for a couple years, so I asked him if he could ask his boss for it if he'd take me on, too. I got in. The only drawback is that my work day starts at 6 AM, but it's not really too bad. It's Monday-Friday, 6 AM-3PM. The work is a bit hard physically, but not as bad as McDonald's. The pay rate is $8.98/hour, which beats the hell out of the $7.25/hour at McDonald's, especially since they're automatically giving me more hours per day than McDonald's did. They never gave me 8 hour shifts. My boss is pretty chill, too. He understands that I have back problems and need to sit down sometimes. tl;dr this rocks.

I'm playing Pokemon Conquest now! It's a glorious game. I'm kind of in love with the female main character, Oichi, Ginchiyo, and Motochika so far. This game is just. Awesome. ngl I ship my femc, Lady Ayu, with Oichi really hard. Also Ginchiyo is so gorgeous and ngl I want to cosplay her sometime.

I've also finally been watching Gurren Lagann. It's SO GOOD. I knew I'd love it and that it would be, but yup. It's all true. And Yoko is glorious, fuck the haters.

;3; Korey said he'd cosplay Halloween 2010 Austria and Hungary with me~ (That's devil doctor and devil nurse, not princess and prince, rofl). I got him reading my volumes of Hetalia and he rather likes it. Poor thing, he was expecting BL. I hate how the fandom has made people think that's what it is ='|. Also if we ever get in shape enough for it, we'd like to do Yoko and Kamina too ;3; We're such dorks.

I just got a lovely package in the mail today! And one a couple days ago. Both were figures, albeit in very different senses.

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I've also gotten some actual anime and manga in lately. Specifically Madoka vol. 3 and Asobi ni iku yo! aka Cat Planet Cuties last month, then Hetalia season 4, Hetalia manga vol. 3, and Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt all in one package a week or so ago. I got my Heaven coin with Panty and Stocking, which is a nice touch ♥

In IRL-related news, ;3; Korey and I actually went on a date for the first time in too damn long last week. We went Red Lobster for dinner, then went to see Brave again. After the movie we headed to a nearby park to watch the sunset. Or rather the moon rising. It was a gorgeous full moon that night. My July 4th wasn't bad, but it wasn't spectacular either. Thanks to this fucking drought and heatwave we had no fireworks, even the public ones were canceled. So I just got together with Korey and a handful of guy friends and we watched 1776, bought some fireworks for when we can shoot them off, watched half of Madoka, and went to Amazing Spiderman. Which was pretty good.

Also Betsy is coming to visit! I'm going to go up to her place, stay the night, then bring her back tomorrow.
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questions from [ profile] zukokatarafan33

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Winter Wonderfest 2011 happened and my bank account is crying.

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Need I say more? The whole set is adorable, though!

....yes I already broke down and preordered them orz


Oct. 29th, 2009 12:09 pm
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AmiAmi opened up international orders and now has an English site. There goes the rest of my money forever and ever...


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