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I always do these so here's another.

As a whole 2013 was a mixed bag leaning more toward bad. I was stressed out and depressed a lot. Korey did a lot of stupid shit that he didn't do in our first year together that added to my stress pretty badly. He also did his best to make up for it and was good to me overall, so we're still together, but it was pretty frustrating to feel super lonely and sad last spring semester and have him not want to talk to me on the phone at all ever. I was lonely a lot since most of my friends were too busy for me, or weren't where I was. School was hard. There was also a lot of good, though, such as ACen, me getting my skin removal surgery, etc. I was able to buy bras in Victoria's Secret for the first time in my life, that was pretty cool. I also got with a couple cute girls that was pretty cool.

Just. Meh. 2014 is going to be better. I'm kicking it off with getting a tattoo on the 6th so there's that. And getting drunk tonight. Very drunk. Yes.


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