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Title: Luckiest Woman in the World
Author: [ profile] miezen
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Austria/Hungary/fem!Austria
Rating: R18
Warnings: porn, threesome, usage of a strap-on
Summary: When Roderich and Elizaveta meet Rosalinde, they both hit it off with her right away. Which is understandable. However, immediately bedding her probably isn't normal.
Notes: Written for this kink meme prompt

What could possibly be better than getting fucked by both Roderich and Rosalinde at once? Seriously. )
Title: To Valhalla
Rating: R18
Characters/Pairings: fem!Prussia/fem!Germany (Gisela/Elise)
Warning: Um...lesbians? Unconventional usage of beer? Making a mess with said beer?
Summary: Prussia wants her sister to wear something sexy to bed. Unfortunately for Germany, Prussia is good at begging. Fortunately for Germany, Prussia also has a sexy costume. And an arsenal of bad Die Walküre-related pickup lines.

I'll be your Brünnhilda tonight. I'll take you to Valhalla. )
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This is a fic that I just finished extremely late for the [ profile] yuritalia_santa exchange. I hope you all like it ♥

Title: A Win-Win Situation
Author/Artist: [ profile] miezen
Rating: R18
Characters/Pairing: fem!England x fem!America
Warnings: oral sex
Summary: Amelia F. Jones propositions Victoria Kirkland in a pub in the form of a bet.

“Gonna take me up on my bet? Or are you too chicken?” )
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Here, have some Nyotalia fic, guys!

Title: Für Elise
Author/Artist: [ profile] miezen
Character(s) or Pairing(s): fem!Germany, fem!Austria, mentions of male!Hungary/fem!Austria
Rating: PG
Warnings: Vague reference to sex, vague reference to Mangary being a yuri addict
Summary: Remember the “Beethoven was Austrian” strip? Well it’s that argument all over again in Nyotalia land.
Status: Finished
Disclaimer: None of this is mine save for the concept to some extent and the atypical choice in human names for genderbends
Author’s Notes: The choices in human names here are integral to the story. I typically dislike Louise/Luise for fem!Germany anyway (because all I can think of is Louise Hardwich from Absolute Obedience. Google it and you will see why this is a problem), and both my choice for fem!Germany and for Femstria are important. Germany = Elise, Austria = Therese. I apologize if it’s confusing in how much I use those names in the fic.

Für Elise )


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