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Oh hey so uh. I had surgery. That is a thing that happened. Specifically I had a tummy tuck and a breast lift. I'll be honest, I've been I bit embarrassed to talk about it. Cosmetic surgery of any sort has so many negative connotations, after all, unless it's medically necessary. I just. Really hated how my stomach looked with all that loose flabby skin hanging off it. My boyfriend wants me to ride him during sex a lot but I almost always refuse or stop and ask that we change positions not long after we start because I hate my stomach so much and hearing it slapping against his skin while I moved was so embarrassing I just wanted to cry. That should tell you how much that fucking skin bothered me. There was so much of it that it constantly formed a bulge in my shorts or pants and it made me look so fat...Also hey, girls, you know about underboob sweat, right? Well imagine the same thing only under your stomach. And it's like 10x worse. Yeah see why I went the "vapid" and "shallow" route of getting a tummy tuck now?

As for the breast lift, just. My breasts sagged so far that my nipples were almost touching my belly button. That was not appealing. Korey did a lot of reassuring me that it looked fine, promised me that he just really liked how big they were and the sagging didn't bug him, etc, and it really helped a lot and my confidence went way up on that issue thanks to him, but it still always bugged me. The sagging almost to my bellybutton thing was just too much.

I'm really REALLY glad I got both these surgeries. I absolutely love my breasts now. For one thing they are smaller (albeit still huge), since excess skin around the tops of my breasts came off, so that may help my back some. But they just look so nice. I'm not ashamed to admit I've been taking off my bra and staring at my breasts every so often. I'm just so happy with how they look!

I'm really happy with my stomach, too, but there's still quite a bit of swelling so it's not really flat yet. My breasts are also swollen, but it's easier to tell their shape and what have you now. But yes, all in all I'm VERY happy I had all of this done. I plan on having brachioplasty sometime within the year, too, but there's not enough time before the fall semester starts to do it soon. That's where they get rid of the loose skin that hangs off the upper arms, for the record.

The recovery has been rough, though. I'm lucky I have my boyfriend because I've needed a lot of help from him. For the first couple days I was in a lot of pain and could barely get up to go to the bathroom even with help. When I had to go, Korey would hold my hands and try to pull me up but pretty often I had to stop him because it hurt and we'd have to wait for me to be ready to try again. It usually took several tries.

Also, the absolute worst part of this? Drains. Thanks to the tummy tuck, I've had two drains in my stomach that go in around the pubic area. The areas where they went in hurt like hell. They suck out fluid that gets trapped in this area in my stomach where it'd have nowhere else to go and I've had to empty them and monitor how much fluid they get. Not fun. I got one of them out today and that was not a fun process either. I almost passed out. I really just want them both gone already though!

Finally, under the cut here I'm going to share a picture of myself from a couple days ago. Now, before you click the read more, note that 1. I'm naked in this. It cuts off above my crotch, but bare breasts. If you don't want to see my breasts, don't click, and 2. There are scars. I mean come on duh I had surgery. It's nothing extreme, you can't see my stomach scars or the scars under my breasts, just the ones around my nipples. But still. Anyway, now that all that's out of the way.

I'm not worried about putting this up online since it's a surgical healing documentation not a sexual nude jfc )
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As promised, this is my post about Canterlot Gardens. If you don't want to hear about my MLP:FiM adventures, skip this.

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So I'm here at Indiana University and today was my first day of classes. Here's the rundown of my first week (well, 6 days rather) of being in Bloomington:

We left my house around 1 PM last Tuesday. Mom and dad took the Kia, and I rode with Korey. I had enough shit to pack two cars lmao I suck. The ride down was pretty pleasant. Thank god it wasn't too hot out since Korey's car has no AC. When we got there, unloading and setting up my room took for-fucking-ever. Also some tomfoolery occurred. Nothing too serious, but lol Korey locked his keys in his car. Luckily there was an on-campus service that you can use for free 3 times that we utilized to get his damn keys back. I won't need it, at least not this semester, since I don't have my car here so it's no big deal. That was pretty annoying, though, since my dad dropped what he was doing to try to help, and obviously Korey also stopped helping me unload, so it made unloading take ages. Mom and I continued on, though. Once we got enough shit out of the car we went to eat. The place we went was delicious and had blood orange cosmopolitans that were to die for. pretty tipsy on them because I was drinking on an empty stomach, but it was alright. After that, yes while I was tipsy, we all went over to my great aunt's house. She lives in Bloomington and she's really cool. She's in her 90's but it doesn't seem like it at all. She lives with her son Charlie, who works at one of the dining halls on campus that I'll probably eat at. It was a pretty nice visit, and both of them are really impressed with Korey. lmao actually I have a running list on my phone of people who have said we're great together. This list includes Aunt Annabee, my grandma, and a stripper, among other people. Yeah.

Korey stayed overnight for 2 nights to help me get settled in. Official move-in day was Wednesday, which was just the induction ceremony and a picnic afterward. Korey originally planned to leave that night but he wasn't feeling up to the drive, so I was able to convince him to stay until about 3 PM the next day. We got breakfast the day before at a really good local place with delicious pancakes, then on Thursday had lunch together at the IMU. We were kind of embarrassingly PDA-tastic with that since he left me from there. So there was lots of clinging and kissing orz. We also had lots of sex while he was here but that's kind of a given and y'all don't need details.

Over the course of the week I got my room all set up. It wasn't 100% done before Korey left but he was pleasantly surprised at how nice I got it (given how much shit we hauled up here). It's pretty excellent, if I do say so myself.

pictures! )

My parents stayed until Friday. Over the course of the week we made quite a few trips out to surrounding stores to do some last minute shopping for stuff I forgot or didn't know I needed. I left my toothbrush behind lmao, so that was one thing I needed replaced. I also got some food including mochi ice cream for my freezer skjfjw, and a ton of miscellaneous things. I got a tennis racquet for one thing, which will def. come in handy.

Thursday was supposed to be the Culturefest but due to rain and other bs it was kind of a bust. Mom and I ended up going out to eat together instead, which turned out to be a good idea! We went to a place called the Chow Bar, which is a yummy Chinese place with bubble tea. I had mom try it, too, she ordered an iced coffee one and loved it. Both our orders were delicious, too, though mine took some warming up to on my part because it was super spicy. But anyway, the reason why I'm glad I skipped out on Culturefest? I was feeling kind of lonely since that was my first day here without Korey around at all and I couldn't really get a hold of any of the few friends I have down here, and my attempt to go to Culturefest before it got rained out was basically me standing around in a line being bored to tears. But while I was at the restaurant, after a while a group of about 5 people came in and started talking while waiting for their food. The conversation was interesting and they were at the table right next to mine, so I interjected something and the girl sitting closest to me and I ended up talking a lot. This was probably the first solid friend I ended up making here. She's a really nice girl and an opera major. She doesn't have much free time because of how demanding her major is, but we exchanged numbers, have been texting back and forth some, and have loose plans to play tennis sometime.

Later that night was a game night at the library, with games of all sorts. I went to that. They had an emulator with a ton of arcade games set up. I hit that up immediately and wound up playing Soul Calibur against a pretty cool guy named Ben. Also I totally kicked his ass with Sophita, twice in a row. We didn't exchange contact info for some reason, though, oops. I stayed until about 11PM (this lasted until midnight) before having mom walk me back to my dorm (she hung out reading and balancing her checkbook at a chair). On my way out an upperclassman offered to set up help getting me back to my dorm before mom explained that she was my mom and walking me home. Later on I ended up running into her again and it turns out she's really cool and an anime fan and we're getting to be pretty good friends.

Friday was busy. There was a job fair, which I hit up and it looks like I may get hired by one of the places I put in an application with. I'm getting a 2nd interview! There were also open houses for a lot of the various groups the campus has. I spent all of my time at the GLBT Support Services open house. I ran into my friend Dylan that I met at orientation there (unsurprisingly since he's gay). There were tons of cute girls there too omfg. I got one girl's number but sadly she hasn't texted me back, I've sent her a couple messages. I also got info for the callout meeting for Girls Like Us, which is a club/support group for queer girls. That's tomorrow and I'm excited for it. The librarian that runs the (glorious) library at the office is a total sweetheart, too, and I've been talking to her a lot as I keep running into her. After all that was the RecFest, for stuff from the rec centers (we have like 3 of them). It had a weird fair thing with local businesses, free snow cones, signups for intramural sports, and a big exhibition of club sports. I got myself on the contact list for fencing club ASAP, and the callout meeting for that is tomorrow. I also gave my contact info to the tennis club, ballroom dancing club, and tae kwon do club. I may end up doing tae kwon do since I used to and I have a friend in the club, but idk, time constraints and all.

Friday was also when my parents left. We did some stuff together including going out for dinner at HuHot, a really fucking good Mongolian barbecue (well it's not authentic, it's really just a create your own stir fry place, but it's good). omfg you can order s'mores there, and doing so is so cool. They bring out a little pot that they light a fire in so you can roast your marshmallows. * ^ * so fucking cool.

After my parents left, that night was Midnight Madness at Wal Mart. Basically every year Wal Mart has a huge sale that night, they give away a bunch of free things, and they have games and events set up throughout and outside the store. I'll be honest, my main reason for being there was actually the midnight release of The Hunger Games. I had fun in that line chatting with two girls from the Ivy Tech in town, and enjoyed my delicious THG cupcake. After that, I jumped on this bungee trampoline thing from hell that was fun and scary but mostly fun. Lots of people were doing backflips on it, and I considered trying that while still on the ground, but once I was on it I was like nope. I also did some shopping, got a nice carrier for shower supplies, for one thing, since my suitemate has one and they look hella useful. They are. Also got some other things here and there. Carrying it back was a bit hard though. While I was out I ran into Alex, my other gay friend from orientation. Those guys are both so sweet ;3; Also, on the shuttle bus to Wal Mart, I talked to and made friends with an unbelievably cute and nice Chinese girl that sat next to me. We have indefinite plans to hang out sometime next week. Aaah so much fun meeting all these people~

Saturday and Sunday were basically roll around and get shit ready days. I did laundry for the first time and made use of the elliptical we have in the downstairs area. Sunday did a run in the morning, and I got to hang out with Alycia for a little while in the afternoon. I also had my phone interview for the potential job, which I apparently did well in since I'm going on to the next round of interviews. There was also a mandatory floor meeting, which I went to ofc. It was pretty nice since we got to meet each other and get to know each other a bit better. Also this is when I met Giada. She's a really sweet and drop dead gorgeous Italian woman. We plan on going out for drinks possibly this weekend. I also got stopped by a random brony on Sunday after I parted ways with Alycia (I was wearing my Rainbow Dash shirt). He was a really nice guy, we exchanged contact info, etc. No regrets, he seems like the sort of brony that's fun to be around, not the creepy and icky kind. I met another brony on Sunday, too, who is also of the cool variety. My RA introduced us, since I'm getting to be pretty good friends with her, and she's friends with this guy and he's RA of another floor in the building. He told me about the brony club on campus, which I'm totally joining. So far IU bronies seem pretty damn cool. He gave me Wal Mart posters, too. <3 I still need to put them up.

Today was my first day of classes. All I had was German, though. I love it, of course. My prof is awesome. She's super sweet and really fun. She's actually Russian, too. When she speaks English it's really cute imo. She's not hard to understand at all, not to me, but her English is a bit broken in an endearing way. She's also hot. But yeah she seems like a really fun person, and the class has a heavy focus on speaking, which is great for me since my German class I took via the local college a few years ago was the opposite. Through no fault of the professor, mind you, Frau Samuelson was an excellent teacher. Unfortunately, the local college only gives a fuck about engineering and only has foreign languages for the purpose of like. Translating manuals. So languages teachers there are instructed to not put much focus on speaking. But I digress.

Today was also a protest at one of the food courts. The one that has Chick Fil A. It went really well! I handed out flyers and talked to people. Everyone I talked to was friendly and cool. Also, my proudest moment in quite some time came from this; one woman I approached was stone cold to me. She just quietly listened while blankly staring at me. Later on while I was taking a break, though, I saw her sign the petition on her way out. That felt good. My legs were sore from how much exercising I did yesterday so I didn't do much beyond walking to and from classes, the library, and the LGBT support services office to turn in my library usage form. There was a floor dinner with free pizza, which I went to. Spent more time with Giada and Erin, and talked more to some other people too. Alysia is right across the hall from me, is pretty cool, and offered to play tennis with me since I asked for tennis partners at the floor meeting. Corey (who is a girl) is a German major and she and her suitemate Jordyn (also a girl) are super cool and sweet ;3; There's also Betty, the oldest person on the floor (she refuses to disclose her exact age, but she confirmed herself the oldest after Giada said she was 28, so there you go). She's super nice and a voice major. She and I are getting to be good friends. Also Anna, from Australia. She's adorable~ ;3;

So yeah, that's more or less where things are. Also as far as people I already knew, [other] Mary, and old friend from Ft Wayne, is here, as is David, a friend from school (we were never close but I always liked him, he was a nice guy). There's also Kelsey, who was supposed to be my roommate during orientation, but she ended up feeling sick and staying with her parents in their hotel room. We still met each other, though, and wound up becoming pretty good friends. I still haven't seen these 3 yet, but I know they're here.

Tomorrow will be busy. I have 3 classes, 2 callout meetings, and some misc things to take care of. I love it here!
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This is late and copypasted from tumblr because I'm dumb.

I'll never let go, Jack! )

My pics are here and here (you need to click both links, flickr allows 200 pics and I had 220 so the other 20 are on imgur).
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Finally, after over a year of fighting through insurance policies and the like to make this happen, I'm getting my bariatric surgery tomorrow. [ profile] haro is my surgery buddy; via weird coincidence she's getting a similar surgery tomorrow as well! (we're both doing a bariatric surgery, the difference is in the specific type) ngl I am a bit nervous, but mostly really excited.

So this post is for the following purposes:

1. To let you guys know what's up, since I'll be in the hospital for the next few days.
2. To leave a place for you guys to leave comments, picspams, videos, links, drabbles; whatever you may want to leave me for me to come home to when I'm released from the hospital.
3. To do a small Nekotalia picspam for [ profile] haro since she loves the kitties, and for me to come home to since they're so cute.

Wish me luck, guys!

kitties under here )
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This is overdue.

I was tsuntsun for this bastard for a while because I'm so hooked on the idea of Romania being a girl, be he eventually won me over and I fell for him pretty hard. ngl though it took finding fanart of the design being drawn as a reverse trap for me to go for it.

Under the cut is a bunch of Romania fanart.


And as a bonus, this song here is totally the Hungary/Romania theme. It's Romania's 2010 Eurovision song.

With Hungary as Paula Seling and Romania as Ovi. Or if we go with Romania as a girl, flip flop that.


Jun. 21st, 2011 11:37 am
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Also ;3; Austriaaaaaa oh God this is why I love them together so much! He's saying something like "please don't get too carried away". Just. aldsjfjsk. MY SHIP. IT IS PRECIOUS.

There were also mochi profiles and lots of other cool things, most if not all of which is translated in the comments here.

Just. Flailing so hard right now.
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Image heavy under the cut w/ commentary. Alternatively, you can look at them all yourself here. I won't be posting every single pic here, only ones that I have comments for.

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questions from [ profile] zukokatarafan33

I am not interesting )

Winter Wonderfest 2011 happened and my bank account is crying.

I do not have a problem. Really. )
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This post is an oven picspam. I am ridiculous.

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1. Comment on this and I will give you 3 fictional fandom characters.
2. Decide of the 3 whom you would marry, do, and dump.
3. Post this meme to your journal with your answers (pictures are optional).

[ profile] reaperangelique gave me Hungary, Finland, and France


Yep, France. I wouldn't expect him to be faithful if he wouldn't expect me to, and the food, wine, and sex would be good!


Hungary. I would've put her down for marry, but her heart belongs to Austria ;3; But just one fiery hot night couldn't hurt, right?


Sorry, Finland, you're adorable! But not in the adorable/sexy way. It would never work out.
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Because I do things like this.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This is clearly a masterpiece of a love letter.

How about you guys amuse yourselves and me by making some of your own?
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Today Arne Friedrich scored his very first goal for Germany. IT WAS HIS FIRST TIME.

I missed the first goal, sadly ;;. ESPN was being a douchebag and not showing the match. By the time I found out it was on ABC, Germany had scored their first goal. But idgaf. I got to see Friedrich's first time. (Apparently a German broadcast called him Friedrich der Grosse at one point, too~)

Speaking of lulzy commentators, mine called Schweinsteiger "the boss"


Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Need I say more? The whole set is adorable, though!

....yes I already broke down and preordered them orz
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In honor of the anniversary of the crowning of Emperor Franz Josef and thus of Austria and Hungary's wedding, I decided to be an utter dork and do a cute photoshoot with my Austria and Hungary plushies. I had way too much fun with this.

Indivisibiliter ac Inseparabiliter )


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