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School is fun. But hard. But fun. Basically here's how life has been for the past month or so:

-Classes started about a week ago. What am I taking?

-German 200
-Japanese 101
-Hungarian 101
-Interior Design lab (1st level)
-Ballroom dancing

Yes this is ridiculous and an excessive amount of foreign languages. No I do not care. Also holy shit so glad I'm taking Hungarian. This class is so fun, and I love this language. I. think I may even like it more than German. Obviously my heart belongs to Germany still and there won't be any alterations in my moving plans, but as a language, Hungarian just. Has me.

Also I'm addicted to Weiß Schwarz. It's a trading card game based on anime. Various different anime. I play from Madoka Magica. My deck was originally 2 trial decks merged, but I went crazy and bought a whole booster box recently, so that deck split in two. What I'm using right now is a green/yellow Madoka/Mami deck. I plan on also making a red/blue Kyoko/Sayaka deck, but there are some cards I need that I don't have but can't really make a strong deck with those two without. The Mami/Madoka deck is pretty boss, though. I playtested it with Korey and devastated him twice. Feeling good about this deck, and it's not even 100% done.

...Speaking of going crazy and spending excessive money, I also bought a hitachi at last! It's. SO GOOD. I also got an attachment for it (because tbh as awesome as they are it's a bit hard to get the vibrations where you want them without an attachment), a Wartenburg pinwheel, and a copy of a Swedish lesbian film that I can't recommend highly enough called Kiss Me. Yeah. I'm responsible with money. To be fair when I bought the hitachi it was when Korey and I were out in Chicago taking Katie home and having our last hurrah of the summer. She took us to what was...basically the gay district. And there were a bunch of sex shops. So I couldn't resist.

Oh yeah I was doing a 30 days meme wasn't I? Let's continue that.

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My favorite time of the year! I'll be going to Chicago Thursday morning like usual. My group this year is almost entirely ACen newbies, too. I have Katie, but aside from her? It's Korey, DJ, Cody, and Cody's girlfriend. Should be a fun time. I'm cosplaying Rin Tohsaka from Fate/Stay Night, Rarity from MLP, and maybe Applejack from MLP and/or fem!England from Hetalia. Rin's particularly exciting. This is the first costume where I've actually sewn any of it myself. I made the skirt from scratch.

My list of shit I want to do is crazy long so I'm not even going to try to list it all out here. My schedule on the guidebook app is absurd and has conflicts that I intentionally left in so I have a backup option listed on my phone if something I want to do is full or something. A few guaranteed things, though:

Kalafina concert
at least one of the raves
visual novel and doujin panels
stuff Helen McCarthy and Yuu Asakawa are doing
yuri panels

So. much. to. do.

Also, re; college, SO FUCKING GLAD I'M HOME. My GPA kinda got shot in the face because fuck finite, but I did pretty okay in everything else and holy shit I love not being in dorms. My schedule for fall is far more appealing, too.

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So, a few things have happened since Korey and I celebrated our anniversary. Mostly good things. I did break up with my girlfriend, though. It just wasn't working out romantically anymore, there's no animosity between us. Aside from that, I've been busy with classes and with events and the like. My friend Rob had me and some other people over to marathon all 3 of the extended versions of the Lord of the Rings movies, which was fucking awesome. I made a new friend while I was there, too. Then, a couple weeks ago mom and Korey both came to visit and we all went to see Joshua Bell and the Cleveland Orchestra in concert. It was, of course, incredible. Then this weekend has been fucking great. There's an annual PRIDE film festival going on. I worked as an usher for it on Thursday and Friday night, which got me into the films free (not that it mattered since I also bought a pass) and a free shirt (which is extremely cool). Whoever designed the shirts is awesome because the deal is that it has the film festival's logo on the back, and the front is blank. At the festival, though, there was an iron on station where you could pick which icons you wanted. Mine has three bi icons in a diagonal line and it looks really cool. I made new friends at the festival, too. Also, unfortunately technical difficulties forced them to stop the movie before it was done, but the Swedish film Kyss Mig is extremely impressive. One of the main characters is actually bi and it's actually handled really well.

Last night was particularly interesting. First I went and got my hair done because it was a fucking disaster and my neck desperately needed shaved. I've been going to the hair salon in the union building, but they fucked up so badly last time that I said hell no and found a new place (though the union salon is closed on Saturdays anyway). I wandered into a nice little place by a couple bars and got a really fucking cute haircut that I love, and also on a whim put some color in it. It's a mixture of blue and violet that came out as this really sexy purple-ish dark blue. It's just a streak on the right side. This caused me to be 5 minutes late for the opera, but it was worth it. I was dressed for a rave while at the opera, also. The show was Xerxes, and it was excellent. Worth skipping yesterday's films at PRIDE for (I already had my Xerxes ticket way in advance). Also, both my night and the other nights' performer for Xerxes were actually women so I really couldn't unsee him as a butch lesbian. Oops. It didn't help that the woman he ends up with has super short hair for most of the opera.

After the opera I went straight back to the Buskirk-Chumley where the festival is for the dance party. It was so fun omfg. For one thing, I got to see Ali again for the first time since her class ended, and I hung out with her and her friends for most of the night. Also I kinda sorta made out with three different women. Oh yes. That was nice.

Oh also a couple things I'm late to mention:

1. This is my class schedule for this semester:
German: G150
Italian: FRIT-M 100
Finite matematics (shoot me in the face oh my god)

Then I have a Lord of the Rings linguistics class that doesn't start until the 2nd 8 weeks.

2. Korey and I found and leased an apartment. It's a 1 bedroom near the stadium and we can have my puppy. <3

Anyway, 30 Days of Me meme!

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Dec. 15th, 2012 07:16 pm
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So uh. You know that bit of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas break where college destroys you? Uh yeah. Ouch. I am so glad that's over. I passed my math class (it's a pass/fail) and got a B+ in German (would've been higher but I overslept one too many days). Don't know my final grades for the others yet. Now I'm just delighted to be home with no responsibilities for 3 weeks. I plan to spend it going on some day trips, hanging out with some people, drinking, and being a nerd.

Today's accomplishments:

-Slept in until 11 AM hell yes
-Watched today's MLP episode, and the 2 Lemongrabs episode of Adventure Time, finally
-got my Houndoom up a couple more levels
-went to the YMCA
-played with the puppy a lot
-downloaded a bunch of Ke$ha music because I want Korey to hate me

Today's been awesome. Also I got a couple boxes in the mail from WeLoveFine. Now I have another Lemongrab shirt, a Fionna and Cake shirt, another Rarity shirt, and Rainbow Dash shorts. Yay.

School kicked my ass so that's really all I have to say. Hi guys.
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So. I really wish I had friends on campus. It's a bit sad, the only reason I had anything to do on Halloween was because Korey spontaneously came to visit from Tuesday to last night. No one ever wants to do shit outside of class and this is very sad to me.

In happier news, though, quidditch is awesome. I got to play a little in our last tournament and got nothing but praise for being awesome once it was said and done. That was nice. Just gotta keep it up and get even better for the Midwest Cup!

In other good news, I got a job! Thank God. It's at one of the school food courts. The hours are pretty nice re; not being too long and not being horribly invasive into my free time but still good enough to make some money.

That date I mentioned last time? It went well. I have a girlfriend now. ;3; <3

On the fandom side, I finished this season of Face Off last night. OH. MY. GOD.

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Also Korey and I marathoned Another as part of our Halloween activities. Holy shit. This show. It is so good. Anyone who wants a good horror anime to watch needs to watch it. Seriously.

I'm closer to finishing Fate/Extra. Then I can start the first Phoenix Wright game! I actually got my hands on that at Gamestop the other day hnnnnngh

Welp, that's how my life has been.
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I'm so busy, so there's never enough time to post, then when there is a ton of things have happened! I'm going to work backwards from today again.

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There was also Canterlot Gardens, but I'll give that its own post.

Oh, also. My boyfriend finally came out as a brony. So proud of him!

EDIT: The actual embed code for One Minute is in here now, fuck you copy, start working correctly plz
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So I'm here at Indiana University and today was my first day of classes. Here's the rundown of my first week (well, 6 days rather) of being in Bloomington:

We left my house around 1 PM last Tuesday. Mom and dad took the Kia, and I rode with Korey. I had enough shit to pack two cars lmao I suck. The ride down was pretty pleasant. Thank god it wasn't too hot out since Korey's car has no AC. When we got there, unloading and setting up my room took for-fucking-ever. Also some tomfoolery occurred. Nothing too serious, but lol Korey locked his keys in his car. Luckily there was an on-campus service that you can use for free 3 times that we utilized to get his damn keys back. I won't need it, at least not this semester, since I don't have my car here so it's no big deal. That was pretty annoying, though, since my dad dropped what he was doing to try to help, and obviously Korey also stopped helping me unload, so it made unloading take ages. Mom and I continued on, though. Once we got enough shit out of the car we went to eat. The place we went was delicious and had blood orange cosmopolitans that were to die for. pretty tipsy on them because I was drinking on an empty stomach, but it was alright. After that, yes while I was tipsy, we all went over to my great aunt's house. She lives in Bloomington and she's really cool. She's in her 90's but it doesn't seem like it at all. She lives with her son Charlie, who works at one of the dining halls on campus that I'll probably eat at. It was a pretty nice visit, and both of them are really impressed with Korey. lmao actually I have a running list on my phone of people who have said we're great together. This list includes Aunt Annabee, my grandma, and a stripper, among other people. Yeah.

Korey stayed overnight for 2 nights to help me get settled in. Official move-in day was Wednesday, which was just the induction ceremony and a picnic afterward. Korey originally planned to leave that night but he wasn't feeling up to the drive, so I was able to convince him to stay until about 3 PM the next day. We got breakfast the day before at a really good local place with delicious pancakes, then on Thursday had lunch together at the IMU. We were kind of embarrassingly PDA-tastic with that since he left me from there. So there was lots of clinging and kissing orz. We also had lots of sex while he was here but that's kind of a given and y'all don't need details.

Over the course of the week I got my room all set up. It wasn't 100% done before Korey left but he was pleasantly surprised at how nice I got it (given how much shit we hauled up here). It's pretty excellent, if I do say so myself.

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My parents stayed until Friday. Over the course of the week we made quite a few trips out to surrounding stores to do some last minute shopping for stuff I forgot or didn't know I needed. I left my toothbrush behind lmao, so that was one thing I needed replaced. I also got some food including mochi ice cream for my freezer skjfjw, and a ton of miscellaneous things. I got a tennis racquet for one thing, which will def. come in handy.

Thursday was supposed to be the Culturefest but due to rain and other bs it was kind of a bust. Mom and I ended up going out to eat together instead, which turned out to be a good idea! We went to a place called the Chow Bar, which is a yummy Chinese place with bubble tea. I had mom try it, too, she ordered an iced coffee one and loved it. Both our orders were delicious, too, though mine took some warming up to on my part because it was super spicy. But anyway, the reason why I'm glad I skipped out on Culturefest? I was feeling kind of lonely since that was my first day here without Korey around at all and I couldn't really get a hold of any of the few friends I have down here, and my attempt to go to Culturefest before it got rained out was basically me standing around in a line being bored to tears. But while I was at the restaurant, after a while a group of about 5 people came in and started talking while waiting for their food. The conversation was interesting and they were at the table right next to mine, so I interjected something and the girl sitting closest to me and I ended up talking a lot. This was probably the first solid friend I ended up making here. She's a really nice girl and an opera major. She doesn't have much free time because of how demanding her major is, but we exchanged numbers, have been texting back and forth some, and have loose plans to play tennis sometime.

Later that night was a game night at the library, with games of all sorts. I went to that. They had an emulator with a ton of arcade games set up. I hit that up immediately and wound up playing Soul Calibur against a pretty cool guy named Ben. Also I totally kicked his ass with Sophita, twice in a row. We didn't exchange contact info for some reason, though, oops. I stayed until about 11PM (this lasted until midnight) before having mom walk me back to my dorm (she hung out reading and balancing her checkbook at a chair). On my way out an upperclassman offered to set up help getting me back to my dorm before mom explained that she was my mom and walking me home. Later on I ended up running into her again and it turns out she's really cool and an anime fan and we're getting to be pretty good friends.

Friday was busy. There was a job fair, which I hit up and it looks like I may get hired by one of the places I put in an application with. I'm getting a 2nd interview! There were also open houses for a lot of the various groups the campus has. I spent all of my time at the GLBT Support Services open house. I ran into my friend Dylan that I met at orientation there (unsurprisingly since he's gay). There were tons of cute girls there too omfg. I got one girl's number but sadly she hasn't texted me back, I've sent her a couple messages. I also got info for the callout meeting for Girls Like Us, which is a club/support group for queer girls. That's tomorrow and I'm excited for it. The librarian that runs the (glorious) library at the office is a total sweetheart, too, and I've been talking to her a lot as I keep running into her. After all that was the RecFest, for stuff from the rec centers (we have like 3 of them). It had a weird fair thing with local businesses, free snow cones, signups for intramural sports, and a big exhibition of club sports. I got myself on the contact list for fencing club ASAP, and the callout meeting for that is tomorrow. I also gave my contact info to the tennis club, ballroom dancing club, and tae kwon do club. I may end up doing tae kwon do since I used to and I have a friend in the club, but idk, time constraints and all.

Friday was also when my parents left. We did some stuff together including going out for dinner at HuHot, a really fucking good Mongolian barbecue (well it's not authentic, it's really just a create your own stir fry place, but it's good). omfg you can order s'mores there, and doing so is so cool. They bring out a little pot that they light a fire in so you can roast your marshmallows. * ^ * so fucking cool.

After my parents left, that night was Midnight Madness at Wal Mart. Basically every year Wal Mart has a huge sale that night, they give away a bunch of free things, and they have games and events set up throughout and outside the store. I'll be honest, my main reason for being there was actually the midnight release of The Hunger Games. I had fun in that line chatting with two girls from the Ivy Tech in town, and enjoyed my delicious THG cupcake. After that, I jumped on this bungee trampoline thing from hell that was fun and scary but mostly fun. Lots of people were doing backflips on it, and I considered trying that while still on the ground, but once I was on it I was like nope. I also did some shopping, got a nice carrier for shower supplies, for one thing, since my suitemate has one and they look hella useful. They are. Also got some other things here and there. Carrying it back was a bit hard though. While I was out I ran into Alex, my other gay friend from orientation. Those guys are both so sweet ;3; Also, on the shuttle bus to Wal Mart, I talked to and made friends with an unbelievably cute and nice Chinese girl that sat next to me. We have indefinite plans to hang out sometime next week. Aaah so much fun meeting all these people~

Saturday and Sunday were basically roll around and get shit ready days. I did laundry for the first time and made use of the elliptical we have in the downstairs area. Sunday did a run in the morning, and I got to hang out with Alycia for a little while in the afternoon. I also had my phone interview for the potential job, which I apparently did well in since I'm going on to the next round of interviews. There was also a mandatory floor meeting, which I went to ofc. It was pretty nice since we got to meet each other and get to know each other a bit better. Also this is when I met Giada. She's a really sweet and drop dead gorgeous Italian woman. We plan on going out for drinks possibly this weekend. I also got stopped by a random brony on Sunday after I parted ways with Alycia (I was wearing my Rainbow Dash shirt). He was a really nice guy, we exchanged contact info, etc. No regrets, he seems like the sort of brony that's fun to be around, not the creepy and icky kind. I met another brony on Sunday, too, who is also of the cool variety. My RA introduced us, since I'm getting to be pretty good friends with her, and she's friends with this guy and he's RA of another floor in the building. He told me about the brony club on campus, which I'm totally joining. So far IU bronies seem pretty damn cool. He gave me Wal Mart posters, too. <3 I still need to put them up.

Today was my first day of classes. All I had was German, though. I love it, of course. My prof is awesome. She's super sweet and really fun. She's actually Russian, too. When she speaks English it's really cute imo. She's not hard to understand at all, not to me, but her English is a bit broken in an endearing way. She's also hot. But yeah she seems like a really fun person, and the class has a heavy focus on speaking, which is great for me since my German class I took via the local college a few years ago was the opposite. Through no fault of the professor, mind you, Frau Samuelson was an excellent teacher. Unfortunately, the local college only gives a fuck about engineering and only has foreign languages for the purpose of like. Translating manuals. So languages teachers there are instructed to not put much focus on speaking. But I digress.

Today was also a protest at one of the food courts. The one that has Chick Fil A. It went really well! I handed out flyers and talked to people. Everyone I talked to was friendly and cool. Also, my proudest moment in quite some time came from this; one woman I approached was stone cold to me. She just quietly listened while blankly staring at me. Later on while I was taking a break, though, I saw her sign the petition on her way out. That felt good. My legs were sore from how much exercising I did yesterday so I didn't do much beyond walking to and from classes, the library, and the LGBT support services office to turn in my library usage form. There was a floor dinner with free pizza, which I went to. Spent more time with Giada and Erin, and talked more to some other people too. Alysia is right across the hall from me, is pretty cool, and offered to play tennis with me since I asked for tennis partners at the floor meeting. Corey (who is a girl) is a German major and she and her suitemate Jordyn (also a girl) are super cool and sweet ;3; There's also Betty, the oldest person on the floor (she refuses to disclose her exact age, but she confirmed herself the oldest after Giada said she was 28, so there you go). She's super nice and a voice major. She and I are getting to be good friends. Also Anna, from Australia. She's adorable~ ;3;

So yeah, that's more or less where things are. Also as far as people I already knew, [other] Mary, and old friend from Ft Wayne, is here, as is David, a friend from school (we were never close but I always liked him, he was a nice guy). There's also Kelsey, who was supposed to be my roommate during orientation, but she ended up feeling sick and staying with her parents in their hotel room. We still met each other, though, and wound up becoming pretty good friends. I still haven't seen these 3 yet, but I know they're here.

Tomorrow will be busy. I have 3 classes, 2 callout meetings, and some misc things to take care of. I love it here!
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Last Saturday was JAFAX, and man that was kind of a weird experience. I never really had many guy friends growing up and mostly hung out with other girls. At JAFAX I drove a car of three guys up to Michigan for funtimes. It was my boyfriend, my friend Cody who was my only guy friend growing up more or less, and Dj, a friend of Korey's and acquaintance of mine that I rather like as a friend. We had a great time. I typically go to JAFAX primarily to hang out with Betsy, and this year was pretty much the same. I went to a panel on catgirls that was kinda fun but other than that it was just shopping and chilling with Betsy and the guys. Oh, I wore my lovely Kiss Merrill and Trust Demons shirt and got in 3 Dragon Age fangirl convos. That was fun.

ngl though I'm fucking sick of the overwhelming presence of Homestuck at every con ever, big to small. There weren't even many ponies at JAFAX, but a metric fuckton of Homesuck, argh. I wouldn't mind if they weren't so loud, you know? That and so damn smug about how they're taking over what are supposed to be anime cons. (No, I don't think ALL Homestuck fans are like this and I know a lot of you are into it and that's fine with me. I like the comic itself, actually. I just don't like the loud/rude behavior from some fans is all)

Shockingly enough this year JAFAX had a doujinshi booth. I got a Haruka/Michiru and a Rocketshipping doujin ♥

Also in more real world news, college things! I had my orientation for IU last Tue-Wed, and it went quite well. I'm really excited for this. I move in on August 15th, and by luck I actually got a single bedroom in my dorm, and it's a dorm with AC, our own bathrooms w/ showers, and music practice rooms! Glory! At orientation I met this cute girl named Kelsey that I think I could get to be pretty good friends with, and she's in a dorm near mine. Cool!

Also, most importantly, I have my fall schedule! This is what it looks like:
-Beginning German I: Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri @ 10:10-11:00 AM
-The Mafia and Other Italian Mysteries (history class): Tue & Thu @ 11:15 AM-12:30 PM
-Basic Algebra for Finite Math: Mon, Tue, Wed, & Fri @ 2:30-3:20 PM (second half of first semester only, this is a prep class because I fucking suck at math)
-Writing the World (English composition special topic): Tue&Thu @ 4:0-5:15 PM
-Non-Music major performance elective (violin): This is a special case, I'll have to arrange when I have this class with my professor for it later on.

I'm really excited for these classes, especially the mafia one and ofc German. I can finally take a German class! I also like how there's a lot of breathing room in my schedule and none of my classes are terribly early.


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