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So my birthday was pretty fucking awesome. It involved getting a copy of the Mass Effect trilogy for PS3 from Korey and a digital SLR camera from my parents, for one thing. Though I actually got the camera the day after so I didn't have it when Korey and I went to the botanical garden in Fort Wayne. I did still get some awesome butterfly pictures with my phone, though. Dinner at Takaoka was excellent as always, and then the highlight of the night was Korey taking me to a strip club. That was so awesome. I...actually got a stripper's number how the fuck did that even happen. We've been texting each other and just. Yeah. * ^ *. My life is pretty awesome.

Then yesterday was JAFAX. It was a good time as always, given it's a fairly short drive and a free event. It was me, Korey, and DJ this time. Cody spent all his money at ACen so he didn't come. I bought the first set of Tanto Cuore and a pair of stegosaurus hairclips. I of course spent most of my time hanging out with Betsy, since that's why I even go to JAFAX. We mostly wandered around, but we went to 3 panels. The first was the Lily Girls yuri panel. I'm actually on the team that presents this, but I've yet to officially present it. I mostly just end up basically turning into a copanelist when I show up, though I WILL officially run it. It's always a good time. My friend Katelyn runs it. It was good to see her. I also met Madison, one of the other 3 people on the team besides me. She's super cute omg.

The second one we went to was easily the best. It was a hentai panel. Specifically a panel of audience participation in which the purpose was dramatic readings of hentai manga. It. was. hilarious. I read one, and DJ also got to read one. DJ was....perfect. He was doing the male part in a mother/son incest futanari manga. And he read it in this fucking hilarious monotone voice that was just. omg. I couldn't stop laughing, nor could anyone else.

The third was "are you the cancer killing your fandom?", which is a panel I've wanted to go to for years since it's hosted at ACen a lot but I've just never made it. I was expecting something more negative and less serious, I think. Like the weebstories tumblr. But I liked what it actually was a lot better. It was more calling out the really extreme things that happen as crazy and encouraging the audience to not be like that. It was funny and well presented and generally enjoyable.

That was basically my time at JAFAX. Pretty fun.

Anyway let's do that meme again.

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Last Saturday was JAFAX, and man that was kind of a weird experience. I never really had many guy friends growing up and mostly hung out with other girls. At JAFAX I drove a car of three guys up to Michigan for funtimes. It was my boyfriend, my friend Cody who was my only guy friend growing up more or less, and Dj, a friend of Korey's and acquaintance of mine that I rather like as a friend. We had a great time. I typically go to JAFAX primarily to hang out with Betsy, and this year was pretty much the same. I went to a panel on catgirls that was kinda fun but other than that it was just shopping and chilling with Betsy and the guys. Oh, I wore my lovely Kiss Merrill and Trust Demons shirt and got in 3 Dragon Age fangirl convos. That was fun.

ngl though I'm fucking sick of the overwhelming presence of Homestuck at every con ever, big to small. There weren't even many ponies at JAFAX, but a metric fuckton of Homesuck, argh. I wouldn't mind if they weren't so loud, you know? That and so damn smug about how they're taking over what are supposed to be anime cons. (No, I don't think ALL Homestuck fans are like this and I know a lot of you are into it and that's fine with me. I like the comic itself, actually. I just don't like the loud/rude behavior from some fans is all)

Shockingly enough this year JAFAX had a doujinshi booth. I got a Haruka/Michiru and a Rocketshipping doujin ♥

Also in more real world news, college things! I had my orientation for IU last Tue-Wed, and it went quite well. I'm really excited for this. I move in on August 15th, and by luck I actually got a single bedroom in my dorm, and it's a dorm with AC, our own bathrooms w/ showers, and music practice rooms! Glory! At orientation I met this cute girl named Kelsey that I think I could get to be pretty good friends with, and she's in a dorm near mine. Cool!

Also, most importantly, I have my fall schedule! This is what it looks like:
-Beginning German I: Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri @ 10:10-11:00 AM
-The Mafia and Other Italian Mysteries (history class): Tue & Thu @ 11:15 AM-12:30 PM
-Basic Algebra for Finite Math: Mon, Tue, Wed, & Fri @ 2:30-3:20 PM (second half of first semester only, this is a prep class because I fucking suck at math)
-Writing the World (English composition special topic): Tue&Thu @ 4:0-5:15 PM
-Non-Music major performance elective (violin): This is a special case, I'll have to arrange when I have this class with my professor for it later on.

I'm really excited for these classes, especially the mafia one and ofc German. I can finally take a German class! I also like how there's a lot of breathing room in my schedule and none of my classes are terribly early.
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So I went to JAFAX on Saturday. this LJ post has been fundamentally altered by this cut )

The end. 

I should post about my birthday eventually.


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