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Let's start with the writing meme. For each letter of the alphabet, I'll take one request for a drabble. Give me a character or pairing, and a prompt that starts with the letter you choose. For example:

"A: Apples, America/Ukraine"

The fandoms I'm willing to write for include:

Hetalia, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, D. Gray-Man, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Harry Potter, Princess Tutu, K-ON!, Drifters, Pokemon (first, second, and fifth gen gameverse or first season through Johto animeverse only), and Black Rock Shooter (I can only do Yomi/Mato or Dead Master/Black Rock Shooter, or those two characters though).

A - Apples - Kyoko/Sayaka ([ profile] rosetteroulette)
C - Cobblestone - Hungary ([ profile] veelociraptor)
D - Drummer - Prussia/Italy ([ profile] veelociraptor)
E - Eros - Austria/Hungary ([ profile] veelociraptor)
H - Hopscotch - Harry/Luna ([ profile] veelociraptor)
J - Justice - Homura/Madoka ([ profile] kunzio)
K - Kinky - Scanty/Kneesocks ([ profile] rosetteroulette)
L - Liturgy - Prussia/England ([ profile] aimaru)
N - Nostalgia - Austria/Hungary ([ profile] rosetteroulette)
O - Opening - Ritsu/Mio ([ profile] kunzio)
P - Princess - Belarus/Lithuania ([ profile] bezmrok)
Q - Quest - kid!Prussia/kid!England ([ profile] aimaru)
R - Rescue - Taiwan/Belarus ([ profile] sirvalkyrie)
S - Sore Loser - Prussia & Austria ([ profile] veelociraptor)
T - Timely - Komui/Miranda ([ profile] veelociraptor)
U - Undercover - Panty & Stocking ([ profile] veelociraptor)
V - Victory - Homura/Mami ([ profile] sirvalkyrie)
W - Winter - America/Ukraine ([ profile] rosetteroulette)

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First off, welcome, new friends from the recent Hetalia friending meme! That being [ profile] chairofbusby, [ profile] euploeamulciber, [ profile] sheraccoon, [ profile] miyako_tsuki, and anyone else that may end up adding me after this post goes up.

You'll learn about me that I really have no life. And uh. Yeah. That's about it.

So for today's flailings:

I do not have a problem I swear to God this is not a problem there is nothing wrong with making a doujinshi order with Mitarashi Dango, paying for it and sending her an email to let her know, and immediately, within the same email, opening a new order. This is normal and reasonable.

Okay basically what happened was that I had an order with Mitarashi that had started in July, but communication moved slowly so it was only ready to go a couple weeks ago, and I only paid recently due to credit card tomfoolery. Meanwhile, I'd made an order for Comiket pickup over at [ profile] miseya. My new friends may not know this, but my absolute favorite doujinshi circle is HiKick Bath (note if you poke around on that site; a lot of it is R-18). Everyone here probably knows how much I adore Austria/Hungary. So when your favorite doujinshi circle is releasing a new doujinshi for your favorite pairing, it's natural to want to buy it. They released lostcomplex at Comiket 78, but they were cruel and evil about it and didn't post this info anywhere online until after the event so obviously I didn't have it in my Comiket 78 order at [ profile] miseya. So I did the logical thing; I contacted Mitarashi and asked her if she could direct order it from HiKick Bath. Immediately after finishing the first order with her. Yeah.

Okay fine maybe I have a problem.

Also puppies are adorable. I've been dogless for seven years, and lately I've been missing having a dog like crazy. I'd have to get a small dog because I'm not strong enough to walk a big one and neither is my mom, and because we have cats and a big dog would piss them off badly. So my darling [ profile] yuffsters' dachshund had puppies. Dachshund/chihuahua mix puppies. And they are adorable and I went to see them last night. So so cute~ One little girl still needs a home, and I'm hoping to talk my dad into agreeing to take her ;3;

Oh, oh! And I have a violin teacher again! Esther strongly recommended this guy, I'll be meeting him for my first lesson on Tuesday.

That is all.
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So as most of you are probably aware, I recently dropped $110 on an order of doujinshi. Which was not exactly my brightest moment, but whatever. Well, the order arrived today! I just finished looking through the books, and I am pleased. The order contained the following:

-Prussia/Italy (short copy-bon type thing)
-Prussia/Italy (anthology)
-France/America (it's the one that was posted to the France/America comm. I couldn't resist)

All of them are R-18 except the Austria/Hungary, which is just cute. Here's my thoughts on them, in order of the above list:

The first one was really short and nothing but porn. Art was a bit odd, but still pretty nice. It was cheap, so all is well.

This was hot. The cover art kinda bugged me, but I bought it regardless because PruIta is PruIta. The inside art is much better, and this is porn-tastic. One of the stories was amusing. Italy was sick and Prussia got the job of sticking the thermometer up Italy's ass. But Prussia being the idiot that he is got aroused by that and felt the need to stick something else up Italy's ass. Germany chastised him for it later.

I'd already read this one via scans, but I just had to have it anyway. It's so hot no matter how often I read it. The world needs moar FrUS.

Sexy! England and France are apparently police officers in this one. And England tops. This is important. And hot. Sex in an alley is also important and hot.

SO CUTE. God why is my OTP so adorable? akfsldjnwefr. I don't really follow what's happening in this, but it's cute.

Easily my favorite and the one I was most excited for. Yuri fuck yeah! In this one apparently both the male and female versions of England and Japan are running around. And Igiko molests Nihonko or something. But it's hot. And yuri. And hot. And you get the point.

Time for me to STFU.
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Alright, bear with me here, because I'm potentially going to get a bit bitchy. I won't f-lock this entry; it needs to be heard.

Some of you may be aware that I run a small doujinshi scans comm ([ profile] dolce_adagio, but this post isn't for pimping my comm). It's a one woman show that I run because I like giving back to the fandom communities that I'm a part of. Everything that gets posted there is from doujinshi that I personally owned and put in the time to scan myself. I do also do it for the selfish reason; I can't read Japanese, so if I post scans, people will potentially translate my doujinshi for me. One reason that's never even crossed my mind for doing this, though, is e-peen stroking. I don't care if I get popular for doing this, I don't want to be a big name, etc. I just want to share my collection with other fans, since that's really the best way to contribute to my fandoms that I have at my disposal. I do work hard to get really good quality scans for everyone to enjoy, too. I've rescanned pages 5+ times before in order to get a straight, clean, sharp scan of it, and I always touch up my scans in photoshop because I am a perfectionist and if I don't have something good to share, I don't want to bother.

Now, I don't mind when other people that do doujinshi scans aren't total perfectionists like me and don't give the absolute best quality. Hell, I could honestly get even better scans than I do, but I'm also trying to strike a balance between nice scans and not destroying my copies. What I do mind is attention whoring.

I've noticed two types of attention whoring with doujinshi lately. We'll start with the lesser of the two evils. Oh, and yes, I will name names.

One thing that just screams "attention whore" to me is when someone sharing their scans with a community like [ profile] hetalia and any of its offshoot pairing communities is when someone posts their doujinshi in separate parts. You know, like when they'll post the scans as hosted images somewhere, stop it at some point, and promise more later and the download link in the last post. This is just...what. If you plan on scanning something, don't put it up until it's completely done. [ profile] twistedsheets10 is a prime example of this, posting that absolutely gorgeous doujin on [ profile] what_the_fruk, only giving us about 1/3 of the doujin, and promising the rest over the next two days, then not even posting the rest when she said she would. She did end up giving us all of the rest and a download link a few days after she said she'd be done in the first place, but...what. Why would you do this? It just looks bad. Someone did this recently on [ profile] pandorahearts, too =/.

That I can tolerate somewhat, though. The other form of doujinshi scan attention whoring absolutely infuriates me, and that form is the "you have to join our comm to download the doujinshi" trick. Yeah, I'm looking at you, [ profile] inspiring_night. There is absolutely no reason to do this outside of attention whoring. If you want to share doujinshi with the community, for the love of God, share it. Don't try to stroke your e-peen by forcing people to join your community to get your advertised scans. Either share your scans by giving them the link, or don't post advertisements for your community disguised as doujin posts in other communities and just post the doujin to your comm and be done with it.

The worst part of this practice? I can't speak for anyone else that does it, but [ profile] inspiring_night has horrid quality scans, or at least the first doujin they posted, which was a few months back, was. I joined that community for the Turkey/Greece doujin they shares since you never see that pairing, or at least not usually, and left after I got it. The scans were so shoddy and bad that, were they mine, I'd never have posted them on the internet at all, let alone with a thinly disguised ad for my comm attached. I just can't believe people pull this crap.

I really had to get that off my chest.
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[Poll #1486598]

meme from [ profile] amandier

Give me a pairing and I will write a love note from one to another. The pairing can be my character and yours, mine and someone else's, or anything that strikes your fancy as long as I know who they are.


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