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Dec. 17th, 2010 07:01 pm
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Farewell, paid account. You will be missed.
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Now let's see if I can get a coherent report out of myself after sleeping and all that good stuff.

Didn't get to leave until around 3:15 PM. The 2 and a half hour drive or so to Betsy's was a bit tiring, but the remaining 3 hours to Detroit was tolerable. Once we picked up Betsy/[ profile] silvernyte the ride was easier since I had someone to talk to and didn't have a headache due to having headphones in too long. We got to the hotel at around 10 PM, put our suitcases and such in the room, and didn't do much else of note.

Awoke relatively early, got dressed, and went down to register. Neither of us preregged since we weren't certain we were going until after prereg closed. So we were in line for about an hour and 20 minutes, which wasn't really too bad. I'm still kicking myself because I saw a really good Ilyasaviel cosplayer in line but didn't get her picture and never saw her again.

Once we had our badges, we wandered the artist alley until the dealers room opened, then went in there. Dealers room was a bit disappointing; there wasn't a single figure I wanted in the whole room. I did find other nice things, though. (All of the goodies are photographed in the images that I'll be linking to at the end of this report).

The first panel we went to was Anime Name That Tune. It was pretty cool but I barely knew any of the songs played. I was pleased when they played Fuwa Fuwa Time, though. Somehow none of the players knew it, and I somehow managed to get called on for it since they'd give it to the audience if the contestants failed. I think the fact that I was bouncing in my seat and singing along (poorly) is what got me called. Betsy was thrilled with the Violinist of Hamelin OP getting played.

That panel let out early so we went to the AA. Betsy ended up in the dealer room, so I went to Anime Balderdash by myself. That? Was fucking hilarious. Basically you'd give the panelists an anime title and they'd give you a synopsis, based solely on the title. There was audience participation, and I ended up going up and getting Initial D. My summary was something about a guy whose initials were D.D.D. and he kept getting confused as to which name was his first, middle, and last, so he had to go on an epic quest to find his birth certificate. idek.

From there we met back up at the room and ordered pizza, which we ended up sharing with Matt, a friend of mine from IPFW's anime club, who had randomly knocked on the door before mom brought the food up. We also spent a little time with Erin, Cassie, Elise, and some other random people. There was supposed to be a dirty fanfiction panel that Betsy and I got in line for, but the panelists never showed up so it got canceled. We raged at that for a bit, then went to bed.

Got up and went to the Hetalia panel. Found [ profile] pocketmolecule, who was behind us. Panel was pretty cool. Had some lulzy moments with a Sealand cosplayer being ICly annoying and one of the panelists that was cosplaying Austria being ICly a jerk to them. Also one of the panelists was cosplaying Germany and Austria had to keep him from seig heiling every so often (I know the panelists somewhat. They are amusing, nice people). After that was the photoshoot, then some time hanging out with [ profile] pocketmolecule and the people she was with. That was fun. We split when they went to an autograph session, then I went upstairs and crashed for a while. Woke up around 8:00 or so and spent [ profile] pocketmolecule's last 20 minutes of the con with her. You're a sweetie, Jordan, and ilu and I wish I hadn't fallen asleep for so long! We'll have to meet up again next year at least, if not find some random weekend and a halfway point to meet up before then~

After she left, we were going to meet with mom at the hotel restaurant for food, but [ profile] zrana responded to a text saying she had downtime from staffing and we could meet her at her room. [ profile] zrana and Betsy are old online friends, so I wanted them to see each other at least once, thus we met up with her instead. [ profile] zrana had a dork moment and they didn't realize who each other was until it clicked with Betsy, then they got all giddy giddy yay and hugged and I died laughing at their fail, since I'd told them previously about it. We followed her to her staffing karaoke and spent quite a while at that. I ended up singing Konna ni Chikaku de... which was really fun. Then we hit a couple 18+ panels and went to bed.

Not a lot. Woke up, packed, dealers room and artist alley for a while, then took Betsy home and came back ourselves. Betsy found a Train Heartnet cosplayer and thus was very happy. We'd seen a Rinslet on Friday that told us that Train and Eve had left, and Betsy flipped out at missing a Train cosplayer, so finding her on Sunday was nice. The Train cosplayer was really good, too. She made a cute Train~

-spending so much time with Betsy. She's a sweetheart, but I've never gotten to hang out with her all that much face to face.
-the panels we attended were all quite fuckwin
-my other friends~
-having a squeaky conversation with the person that bought the other fox hat with squeaker puffets from Pawstar while waiting for an elevator (they only had 2 of them)
-some of the dirty jokes from Saturday night (Betsy: "I squeaked your thing!")
-Karaoke and the fucking awesome Team Rocket cosplayers' duet of the Japanese Team Rocket song
-[ profile] pocketmolecule's Austria cosplay and getting pictures of her on the piano in the lobby
-Finding vol. 2 of Swan in the dealers room
-Hentai panel's lulzy dub clips
-meeting Ash (Betsy's dog) when we took Betsy home

-people being jerks to Betsy and pushing her out of the way at the elevator when I wasn't around to help her (she used a wheelchair most of the con due to her fibromyalgia)
-dirty fanfic panel being canceled
-my fail and sleeping through most of Saturday afternoon and thus not seeing [ profile] pocketmolecule as much
-some of the disturbing clips from the hentai panel
-not getting a pic of that Ilyasaviel cosplayer
-Alycia not getting to go due to school stuff (;__; ilu bby *hug* hope you're reading this)

So overall the con was an A+. Pictures are here, as promised:


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