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I skipped the last two days out of lack of interest in the prompts and being distracted with other things, but today asks about music so uh. Good luck getting me to shut up.

For starters I should mention that I very much enjoy playing instruments and singing as well as listening to music. When I was young I took up piano, which I later quit due to plateauing in progress and my dad pressuring me to practice stressing me out and making it feel like I was playing for him and not for me. I wish I hadn't quit, looking back, but at the same time I know it wasn't really the instrument for me. I tried saxophone in middle school and my freshman year of high school as part of the band, but the saxophone was very much an instrument that I enjoy listening to much more than I enjoy playing. I did choir and voice lessons in my junior year and part of my senior year, which I only stopped because of an AP English class eating my time and I just never got back to the lessons because I took up something else later that year. My true love. My violin. I loved the piano and I loved singing, I still love both and I poke at them both still. But the violin is the instrument I'm meant to play. I never get sick of practicing it, and the only reason I stop my practices when I do is because after a while I can't hold the posture anymore due to the physical pain I'm constantly in. The pain practicing causes is worth it, though. I love my violin so much.

When it comes to the kind of music I want to play it's pretty much strictly classical, but I'll listen to pretty much anything. I adore classical, but I also love electronic music, soundtracks from musicals, some American pop music, and tons and tons of foreign music, namely Jpop, Kpop, and German music, but I have music in countless languages. Including Slovak. With my foreign stuff, I do like looking up the lyrics, but I generally think it's unnecessary. Words aren't necessary for music to carry meaning. Why do you think so much classical is purely instrumental?
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First off, welcome, new friends from the recent Hetalia friending meme! That being [ profile] chairofbusby, [ profile] euploeamulciber, [ profile] sheraccoon, [ profile] miyako_tsuki, and anyone else that may end up adding me after this post goes up.

You'll learn about me that I really have no life. And uh. Yeah. That's about it.

So for today's flailings:

I do not have a problem I swear to God this is not a problem there is nothing wrong with making a doujinshi order with Mitarashi Dango, paying for it and sending her an email to let her know, and immediately, within the same email, opening a new order. This is normal and reasonable.

Okay basically what happened was that I had an order with Mitarashi that had started in July, but communication moved slowly so it was only ready to go a couple weeks ago, and I only paid recently due to credit card tomfoolery. Meanwhile, I'd made an order for Comiket pickup over at [ profile] miseya. My new friends may not know this, but my absolute favorite doujinshi circle is HiKick Bath (note if you poke around on that site; a lot of it is R-18). Everyone here probably knows how much I adore Austria/Hungary. So when your favorite doujinshi circle is releasing a new doujinshi for your favorite pairing, it's natural to want to buy it. They released lostcomplex at Comiket 78, but they were cruel and evil about it and didn't post this info anywhere online until after the event so obviously I didn't have it in my Comiket 78 order at [ profile] miseya. So I did the logical thing; I contacted Mitarashi and asked her if she could direct order it from HiKick Bath. Immediately after finishing the first order with her. Yeah.

Okay fine maybe I have a problem.

Also puppies are adorable. I've been dogless for seven years, and lately I've been missing having a dog like crazy. I'd have to get a small dog because I'm not strong enough to walk a big one and neither is my mom, and because we have cats and a big dog would piss them off badly. So my darling [ profile] yuffsters' dachshund had puppies. Dachshund/chihuahua mix puppies. And they are adorable and I went to see them last night. So so cute~ One little girl still needs a home, and I'm hoping to talk my dad into agreeing to take her ;3;

Oh, oh! And I have a violin teacher again! Esther strongly recommended this guy, I'll be meeting him for my first lesson on Tuesday.

That is all.


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