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I'm so busy, so there's never enough time to post, then when there is a ton of things have happened! I'm going to work backwards from today again.

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There was also Canterlot Gardens, but I'll give that its own post.

Oh, also. My boyfriend finally came out as a brony. So proud of him!

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Jun. 19th, 2012 09:51 pm
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Last weekend was one. Yup. Ever since I've gotten to be more comfortable with my body and had more stamina for things, I've wanted to go to a rave. There was a big festival in Chicago, the first all EDM (electronic dance music) festival like that in Chicago for that matter, last weekend called Spring Awakening. Since today (June 19th) is my birthday and it was so close to that, my boyfriend decided we should go despite the pricey tickets. So we did. On Thursday I tripped and fell and scraped myself up really badly while out running, but like hell if that was stopping me >(.

We left on Friday, mid-afternoon. Since she was free, Katie came to visit us at our hotel for a bit that evening, which was really fun! So my best friend and my boyfriend approve of each other. This pleases me, of course. Also it was pretty excellent; I had bought, cut up, and painted a couple shirts, and one turned out amazing. I put Kariya Matou's command spell from Fate/Zero on it in glow in the dark paint, and it just looked so damn cool. Sadly no one recognized it, though. But we DID see a guy with a Gurren Dan flag!

I probably looked pretty hideous since I def. wasn't dressed like someone my weight should, but it was hot out so fuck that. On Friday I wound up seeing Sabor, Gemini Club, Krewella, Zebo, Bart Bmore, Midnight Conspiracy, A-Trak, Ferry Corsten, Benny Benassi, and Skrillex. All of the above were excellent, though of them Sabor, Gemini Club, Krewella, and of course Skrillex were my favorites. I felt pretty bad for Sabor, though. Their time slot fucking sucked, they were one of the very first acts of the day. So barely anyone was there for their set and of them more people were sitting around than dancing =/.

Skrillex, of course, put on a killer show. It involved a motherfucking bass ship and at one point Nyancat. Not the song, sadly, dear god Skrillex should remix Nyancat, though. But Alex S did a dubstep mix on Nyancat that's on the site, and they made a Skrillex!Nyancat to match. His set had original Nyancat, then Skrillex!Nyancat on the screen towards the end. Such a freaking bro. I got a picture of that with the original Nyancat, oh god the glory. Also it started raining during his set, which was awesome, while the show was still going on. In his own words, "THIS RAIN FEELS FUCKING GOOD." It did. It really did. Since we were in that huge crowd towards the front of the stage? Hell yes it felt good. Until the show ended. Then it was just cold and unpleasant and made taking the bus and train back to our hotel an ordeal.

The next day my makeup turned out extremely awesome so I rewore the Kariya Matou shirt instead of the other one since it looked so awesome, until I bought a Midnight Conspiracy tank top anyway, then I changed into it. I bought a lot of shirts because I had a ton of extra money since I was planning for taking cabs at least back to the hotel at night, but we wound up able to take public transport both ways. I bought that tank top, then a Skrillex shirt, a really cool looking shirt with headphones on it that I'll have to take a picture of, and an official Spring Awakening shirt. I also ordered a couple other designs online when I got home since they sold out the booth at the show.

On Sunday we say NORdjs, Quintino, Derrick Carter, R3hab, Carl Cox, Flux Pavilion, Moby, Laidback Luke, and Afrojack. I did NOT like Carl Cox, and Derrick Carter was pretty bleh, too, but the others were all great. Quintino, Flux Pavilion, Moby, Laidback Luke, and Afrojack were the highlights for sure. Afrojack didn't put on as flashy of a show as Skrillex, but it was just as good music-wise. I had alcohol in me, so I was pretty energetic with my dancing for the first part of the show or so, then we went up to the stands to sit the fuck down and watch because we both overdid it. Not getting into the crush of it all a second time was smart, and it didn't rain so going home was less brutal, though we were sore and tired so it wasn't easy either.

Also, fun fact; over the course of the weekend, I had a lot of cute girls hitting on me, especially any time Korey was away from me for a little while. A couple were brave and approached me while he was around, too. Oh damn so many hot women.

Also I traded kandii a couple times, and in one trade I got a piece that had a motherfucking Masterball on it. SO. FUCKING. COOL. And that was from a hot chick with a Deathly Hallows tattoo, too.

We went home on Monday. Notable; we ate at Popeye's for the first time. Holy shit it's delicious.

Now I am sunburnt, scraped up, and tired and spending my actual birthday recovering, but hell yes it was worth it.


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