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This is a Germany/America fic written for [ profile] himitsu_santa and it's actually not smut, I know, shocking coming from me. Enjoy!

It always amazed him how much Germany did in the weight room. )


Jun. 21st, 2011 11:37 am
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Also ;3; Austriaaaaaa oh God this is why I love them together so much! He's saying something like "please don't get too carried away". Just. aldsjfjsk. MY SHIP. IT IS PRECIOUS.

There were also mochi profiles and lots of other cool things, most if not all of which is translated in the comments here.

Just. Flailing so hard right now.
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From [ profile] deecherrywolf

-Aristocrat vs. Lust
-"Freedom Fries" and "Freedom Kisses"
-Für Elise
-The Halloween that was Hot as Hell

Total fics for the year: 4 (, that is pathetic. It should be 7 by the end of the year, though, once my Secret Santa fics are done. I think I'll do an updated version of this when I finish those)
Total words for the year: 5,810

I am pitiful )
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So instead of being an intelligent person and going to bed at a reasonable time last night, I stayed up writing this. It's AusHun because I am predictable, and it's R18, also because I am predictable.

“Mm, doctor, I do believe we have an emergency~” )
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First off, welcome, new friends from the recent Hetalia friending meme! That being [ profile] chairofbusby, [ profile] euploeamulciber, [ profile] sheraccoon, [ profile] miyako_tsuki, and anyone else that may end up adding me after this post goes up.

You'll learn about me that I really have no life. And uh. Yeah. That's about it.

So for today's flailings:

I do not have a problem I swear to God this is not a problem there is nothing wrong with making a doujinshi order with Mitarashi Dango, paying for it and sending her an email to let her know, and immediately, within the same email, opening a new order. This is normal and reasonable.

Okay basically what happened was that I had an order with Mitarashi that had started in July, but communication moved slowly so it was only ready to go a couple weeks ago, and I only paid recently due to credit card tomfoolery. Meanwhile, I'd made an order for Comiket pickup over at [ profile] miseya. My new friends may not know this, but my absolute favorite doujinshi circle is HiKick Bath (note if you poke around on that site; a lot of it is R-18). Everyone here probably knows how much I adore Austria/Hungary. So when your favorite doujinshi circle is releasing a new doujinshi for your favorite pairing, it's natural to want to buy it. They released lostcomplex at Comiket 78, but they were cruel and evil about it and didn't post this info anywhere online until after the event so obviously I didn't have it in my Comiket 78 order at [ profile] miseya. So I did the logical thing; I contacted Mitarashi and asked her if she could direct order it from HiKick Bath. Immediately after finishing the first order with her. Yeah.

Okay fine maybe I have a problem.

Also puppies are adorable. I've been dogless for seven years, and lately I've been missing having a dog like crazy. I'd have to get a small dog because I'm not strong enough to walk a big one and neither is my mom, and because we have cats and a big dog would piss them off badly. So my darling [ profile] yuffsters' dachshund had puppies. Dachshund/chihuahua mix puppies. And they are adorable and I went to see them last night. So so cute~ One little girl still needs a home, and I'm hoping to talk my dad into agreeing to take her ;3;

Oh, oh! And I have a violin teacher again! Esther strongly recommended this guy, I'll be meeting him for my first lesson on Tuesday.

That is all.
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Here, have some Nyotalia fic, guys!

Title: Für Elise
Author/Artist: [ profile] miezen
Character(s) or Pairing(s): fem!Germany, fem!Austria, mentions of male!Hungary/fem!Austria
Rating: PG
Warnings: Vague reference to sex, vague reference to Mangary being a yuri addict
Summary: Remember the “Beethoven was Austrian” strip? Well it’s that argument all over again in Nyotalia land.
Status: Finished
Disclaimer: None of this is mine save for the concept to some extent and the atypical choice in human names for genderbends
Author’s Notes: The choices in human names here are integral to the story. I typically dislike Louise/Luise for fem!Germany anyway (because all I can think of is Louise Hardwich from Absolute Obedience. Google it and you will see why this is a problem), and both my choice for fem!Germany and for Femstria are important. Germany = Elise, Austria = Therese. I apologize if it’s confusing in how much I use those names in the fic.

Für Elise )
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akdaoldolsmdksDKAIKDJWFDAJKDJ!!!!!!!!!! Hungary is in this week's episode! She's in over half of it! BEING FUCKING AWESOME.

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Need I say more? The whole set is adorable, though!

....yes I already broke down and preordered them orz
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In honor of the anniversary of the crowning of Emperor Franz Josef and thus of Austria and Hungary's wedding, I decided to be an utter dork and do a cute photoshoot with my Austria and Hungary plushies. I had way too much fun with this.

Indivisibiliter ac Inseparabiliter )
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In honor of [ profile] tricolores ' 20th birthday, April 16th, which I am NOT late for because it's still the 16th where she is, I've written a short FrUS fic. Enjoy!

"Freedom fries" and "freedom kisses" )

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Mom's making me stay up 24+ hours to straighten out my sleep. I feel like I could collapse any second. At least my stomach stopped hurting, though.

I watched Amadeus this morning at like 5 AM. Awesome movie. I loved it so much. Though I was fucking confused in the middle of it. We'd rented it, and our video rental place had the first edition of the DVD, which is RETARDED and double-sided, so you have to flip it over midway through the movie. I didn't know that, so I finished the first side and was like "WTF why'd it stop? THAT IS NOT AN ENDING!!!" and I had to get online and look up info about the DVD to figure out what to do.

Now, let's have a meme because I don't have a life. Taken from [ profile] bodyline

1. Pick 7 ships.
2. Choose a song that you associate with each ship.
3. Post some of (or all of) the lyrics/video/whatever.

1. Austria/Hungary (Hetalia) - Candlelight by Csézy
2. Komui/Miranda (D. Gray-man) - Hard to Concentrate by the Red Hot Chili Peppers
3. Tyki/Allen (D. Gray-man) - Heartbreaker by Pat Benatar
4. Kiyora/Mine (Nodame Cantabile) - Bach's Violin Double Concerto (really any piece for two violins works for them; they're both violinists and I like the idea of them performing together)
5. Belarus/Russia (Hetalia) - Every Breath You Take by Juliana Hatfield (forgive the Sora/Kairi AMV; it's the only Youtube video I can find for the Juliana Hatfield version. Much as I love the original by The Police, Belarus is the stalker in this relationship)
6. England/Japan (Hetalia) - Konna ni Chikaku de by Crystal Kay (only because there was a really, really beautiful MAD for that song and this pair, and that MAD is what turned me on to this pairing in the first place. Unfortunately the only version of that MAD that's on Youtube right now is one where someone did a fandub of the song in Spanish =<.)
7. Albert/Peppo (Gankutsuou) - Prisoner of Love by Utada Hikaru (the lyrics fit perfectly. Here is a translation)
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Wasn't really digging any of the [ profile] cloverbooks prompts yesterday. Yesterday was horrible for other reasons, anyway. Not in the mood to discuss that, though. So here's me rambling about good things instead!

Before I get on with the [ profile] cloverbooks stuff for today, I need to spam about what just came in the mail today~!
cute cute cute cute cute )

Now here's today's prompt response.

03/04/10 prompt[s]

What are some of your top OTPs in fandom? What attracted you to these pairings? Do you see any parallels/common traits between your OTPs? Why do you think this is?

Yay, an excuse to fangirl Austria/Hungary! Some of my other top pairings over time have been:

-Komui/Miranda (D. Gray-man)
-Tyki/Allen (D. Gray-man)
-Gwendal/Gunter (Kyo Kara Maoh)
-Mine/Kiyora (Nodame Cantabile)
-England/Japan (Hetalia)
-Rin/Saber (Fate/Stay Night)

For all of them, it was something about the way that they interact that struck me as really cute/hot/interesting/fun/whatever. The only exception is Komui/Miranda, since this is a pure crack pairing. They've never even spoken to each other in canon. With them, it's more about the way their personalities would mesh if they actually had the time to hang around with each other. I like all of these pairings for completely different reasons, though, and they're all pretty different. The only real common ground I can see between any two of them is with the two het pairings. Both Hungary and Kiyora are the dominant partners, despite being female. Really I like variety in my pairings, though.

None of the guy on guy pairings really have much in common. Tyki and Allen are enemies to the point that rape is the only way it could even work. Gwendal is a "tough guy" that secretly likes to knit stuffed animals and has a huge weakness for cute things, while Gunter is a flamboyant guy that tends to be loud and obnoxious and flails about far too often, yet the two are best friends and I like to think they sneak back to one of their bedchambers sometimes when no one else is looking. England fails at expressing his emotions and Japan is reserved to the point of seeming emotionless. Yet, they're both lonely deep down, and they like each other quite well.

I only have one yuri pairing listed because I only pretty recently started to actively ship yuri.
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BECAUSE [ profile] minako134 IS A HORRIBLE ENABLER, I took the Hetalia sorting quiz that discerns your favorite character. You can find it here:

This is the pairing one, which I'll do tomorrow:

Here's the results:

This list is TL;DR )
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So as most of you are probably aware, I recently dropped $110 on an order of doujinshi. Which was not exactly my brightest moment, but whatever. Well, the order arrived today! I just finished looking through the books, and I am pleased. The order contained the following:

-Prussia/Italy (short copy-bon type thing)
-Prussia/Italy (anthology)
-France/America (it's the one that was posted to the France/America comm. I couldn't resist)

All of them are R-18 except the Austria/Hungary, which is just cute. Here's my thoughts on them, in order of the above list:

The first one was really short and nothing but porn. Art was a bit odd, but still pretty nice. It was cheap, so all is well.

This was hot. The cover art kinda bugged me, but I bought it regardless because PruIta is PruIta. The inside art is much better, and this is porn-tastic. One of the stories was amusing. Italy was sick and Prussia got the job of sticking the thermometer up Italy's ass. But Prussia being the idiot that he is got aroused by that and felt the need to stick something else up Italy's ass. Germany chastised him for it later.

I'd already read this one via scans, but I just had to have it anyway. It's so hot no matter how often I read it. The world needs moar FrUS.

Sexy! England and France are apparently police officers in this one. And England tops. This is important. And hot. Sex in an alley is also important and hot.

SO CUTE. God why is my OTP so adorable? akfsldjnwefr. I don't really follow what's happening in this, but it's cute.

Easily my favorite and the one I was most excited for. Yuri fuck yeah! In this one apparently both the male and female versions of England and Japan are running around. And Igiko molests Nihonko or something. But it's hot. And yuri. And hot. And you get the point.

Time for me to STFU.
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Thanks SO much, Himaruya!!!
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Mine came in today. It's absolutely gorgeous and I love it to bits. I'll try to get pictures, but my scanner is nowhere near big enough for me to scan it. The September/October page is SO CUTE, though! aldkaldsla!!!!!

We bought a frame and cut the cover off to frame it. I'll be framing the individual pages eventually.
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Title: Herr Right Hand
Author/Artist: [ profile] miezen
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Prussia --> Hungary, Austria/Hungary, Prussia/Right Hand
Rating: R-15
Warnings: Non-graphic sex, discussion of masturbation
Summary: Prussia makes a lasting bond -- with his right hand

no body part of his was feminine enough to call “Frau”! )


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