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So my birthday was pretty fucking awesome. It involved getting a copy of the Mass Effect trilogy for PS3 from Korey and a digital SLR camera from my parents, for one thing. Though I actually got the camera the day after so I didn't have it when Korey and I went to the botanical garden in Fort Wayne. I did still get some awesome butterfly pictures with my phone, though. Dinner at Takaoka was excellent as always, and then the highlight of the night was Korey taking me to a strip club. That was so awesome. I...actually got a stripper's number how the fuck did that even happen. We've been texting each other and just. Yeah. * ^ *. My life is pretty awesome.

Then yesterday was JAFAX. It was a good time as always, given it's a fairly short drive and a free event. It was me, Korey, and DJ this time. Cody spent all his money at ACen so he didn't come. I bought the first set of Tanto Cuore and a pair of stegosaurus hairclips. I of course spent most of my time hanging out with Betsy, since that's why I even go to JAFAX. We mostly wandered around, but we went to 3 panels. The first was the Lily Girls yuri panel. I'm actually on the team that presents this, but I've yet to officially present it. I mostly just end up basically turning into a copanelist when I show up, though I WILL officially run it. It's always a good time. My friend Katelyn runs it. It was good to see her. I also met Madison, one of the other 3 people on the team besides me. She's super cute omg.

The second one we went to was easily the best. It was a hentai panel. Specifically a panel of audience participation in which the purpose was dramatic readings of hentai manga. It. was. hilarious. I read one, and DJ also got to read one. DJ was....perfect. He was doing the male part in a mother/son incest futanari manga. And he read it in this fucking hilarious monotone voice that was just. omg. I couldn't stop laughing, nor could anyone else.

The third was "are you the cancer killing your fandom?", which is a panel I've wanted to go to for years since it's hosted at ACen a lot but I've just never made it. I was expecting something more negative and less serious, I think. Like the weebstories tumblr. But I liked what it actually was a lot better. It was more calling out the really extreme things that happen as crazy and encouraging the audience to not be like that. It was funny and well presented and generally enjoyable.

That was basically my time at JAFAX. Pretty fun.

Anyway let's do that meme again.

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So. My summer since ACen has been. Uh. Spent almost entirely playing Fate/Stay Night. I'm on the Heaven's Feel route and almost through with it. Because I've done little else since ACen ended. This is sad.

I've applied for a couple jobs but heard nothing back yet. Not too hopeful.

Uhm. I know who I'm cosplaying next and I need to get cracking on that project. I'm going with Senjougahara from Bakemonogatari. I need to get fabric for that soon.

I ordered another figure! Because I am stupid.


Also let's do that one meme again.

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I need some money for college, apartment stuff, generally living, fueling my hobbies, etc. So I've been going through my shelves and clearing out some old stuff I don't want anymore. This is far from all of it, but it's a start. Here's a list of what I've got and what I want for it. I would prefer payments by paypal.
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Are here!

Let me know if the privacy settings aren't working but it should be viewable by all
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This was an outstanding year for me. This is the first time the guest list impressed me, but it wasn't just that. A lot went right this year.

Our group was split between two cars. Myself, my boyfriend, and DJ were in my car, and Cody and his girlfriend Ary were in Cody's car. We left at about 9 AM and arrived in Chicago at about 1 PM. The drive was pretty stressful. There were a lot more semis on the road than in past years and it made driving pretty awful. The Chicago driving was actually the easiest for me since I expect heavy traffic. Once we got to the Doubletree I had the "fun" of discovering my debit card has a $500/day limit on it and getting it temporarily lifted had to happen. Not fun. Lots of stress getting into the con tbh. But from there everything improved.

I have a friend from Texas who went to ACen for the first time this year. She went out to a mall on Thursday and asked me to pick her up because the cab was crazy expensive, so I did and we chatted for a while in the car. It was my first time meeting her in person, so that was super cool. After that, our group went and picked up our Kalafina tickets (only myself, Korey, and DJ went though, the others didn't get tickets). After that, those of us who preregistered but didn't get badge mailing got our badges (thus everyone but DJ, since he had his mailed). DJ got kind of obnoxious about that, though. He kept going on and on about how awesome and worth it and blah it was to get it mailed and kept telling everyone else we should've. Okay, cool, DJ, but here's the thing: my dorm's mail room was awful so like hell if I was having my badge mailed to me in Bloomington, but if I wouldn't be around to get it I didn't want my badge mailed home either. Korey is my boyfriend, he'd be in the line to spend time with me anyway even if he had his badge mailed, so it would've been pointless for him to bother. Cody and Ary didn't realize they could afford to come until badge mailing was over. So dude shut up yes badge mailing is cool, I've done it before, but there are reasons why we didn't and the line wasn't even bad.

After that, we all went to dinner at Hofbrauhaus Chicago, which newly opened up since last year. The food and beer were both excellent and that made me a VERY happy Germanophile. When we got back, I got together with my Texan friend and she helped me trim a couple wigs' bangs and defrizz them, then I got Korey and DJ to come up and we played Munchkins with her and her girlfriend for a while. Always a good time. Once that was done we went back to our room, where Katie already was, and I let in our final roommate, Justin. He only stayed Thursday night, but he was super cool and it was nice to get to know him better. We talked a little on the ACen forums but he mostly got invited in because for a while I thought I was short on roommates and was desperately inviting people so I could afford to go. He was definitely fun to have around!

Woke up and put on my Rin Tohsaka costume, which sadly didn't get much attention. It was still a fun costume to do, though. We got in the standard dealer room line, and I fucked around in there for a while before going to Justin's doujin panel. He had some technical difficulties but overall did a good job. After that I did more dealer room wandering, then got in line for Yuu Asakawa's autograph. She was super happy to see I was getting something of Rider signed, and I got a picture with her. After that, I met up with my friend Katelyn that I met last year, and we went to try to go to Justin's visual novel panel but it was full, so we went to Helen McCarthy's panel on early Japanese clothes instead. PHENOMENAL. Helen McCarthy is amazing, meeting her was a dream come true for me, and quite frankly her panels alone made my con. Katelyn was also utterly taken with her because how can you not be?

I didn't do much else after that. I mostly hung out with Katelyn and miscellaneous people from my group until it was time for the Kalafina concert. I changed out of Rin and the whole room group went to the Expoteria for dinner, then we split apart so the Kalafina people could go.

OUR SEATS WERE SECOND ROW. It was incredible. The concert was just utterly mindblowing. I actually got choked up when they played Magia because it was just that powerful of a performance. For their major anime songs, they had the background screen playing clips from the show it was from. The end of Magia was matched up to Mami firing off her Tiro Finale and it was just the most perfect fucking thing omg. To The Beginning also had Fate/Zero stuff playing, mostly fight sequences that matched up perfectly. It was an incredible experience. Katie actually was waiting in the lobby to get a room key off one of us and heard some of it and regretted not getting a ticket. Katie is super frugal and it's rare for her to regret something like that, so that should tell you something.

After that, myself, Korey, Katie, and Ary went to Hardcore Synergy. It was okay but I wore out really fast. From there Katie and I went to Katelyn's yuri panels. They were both excellent and I'm actually on the team to help run them in the future. I more or less unofficially cohosted them, anyway haha. The second one ended at 3 AM, so by the time we got back to the Doubletree we just collapsed.

That morning I got up and headed straight to the Hyatt for panels. I got up too late for Gurren Lagann, but went to Helen McCarthy's "culture of kawaii" panel. Ace, of course. I got my copy of 500 Essential Anime signed. Before that, though, I ran into my dearest Dee and talked to her for a while. Once I was done seeing panels, I went back to the hotel room to change out of my Rarity cosplay because it was WAY too hot out, then to the dealer room for a bit, then back again for Yuu Asakawa's live dub panel. Which was SO. COOL. Seriously. She of course did a Q&A at the end, and I found out why she was so happy to sign my Fate/Stay Night DVD insert with Rider on it. Someone asked who her favorite character that she voiced was. Her answer was actually Rider! This woman has a crazy long list of credits, and out of all of them, my favorite was her favorite, too. The chances of that are crazy slim, whoa.

I pretty much raced from her panel back to the dealer room to line up for Kalafina's autograph. They had a concert ticket holders only autograph session the night before, but I skipped that because I REALLY wanted my Madoka set signed and they were only signing specifically Kalafina merchandise for that session. The line took forever because that previous line had gotten cut off and those people got priority, but I did get my autograph. After that, I spent most of the day hanging out with Korey, Katelyn, Katie, and DJ (and Cody and Ary some, too). We hung out in my room for a long time, and ordered our dinner from Giordano's. Heavenly. There were some Giordano's virgins among us, and they all fell in love.

Later that night we wandered to the Hyatt to do stuff. I was too worn out for the Soap Bubble, unfortunately, but Korey, Katie, Katelyn, and I played 7 Wonders in the tabletop room, which was a good time, even though it could've been better since I've never run a game of 7 Wonders before and it's a bit complicated to explain. After that...uh well. Korey and I sneaked back into the room. Because of reasons. And yes by reasons I mean sex. We stayed in after that because I was exhausted and checking out is always a pain.

Most eventful con Sunday ever. I didn't even bother to cosplay Applejack because I was exhausted, but still. I went to the figure collecting panel, which created a conundrum for me. I kind of want to apply to run a figure panel in the future because I think I could do it better, but the person who ran it this year had better credentials than me, and the connections to have figures donated for a giveaway. So I'm not sure if I should or not. I also went to Helen McCarthy's panel about how 3 individual Westerners had a strong influence in the formation of modern manga. Glorious. Incredible. And at this point Helen and I were chatting like good friends would, which is basically a dream I never imagined I'd ever realize.

From there my whole room group plus Katelyn went to the dealer room to walk around and do any final shopping. I was wearing my "kiss Merrill and trust demons" Dragon Age 2 shirt. An artist in the AA actually called out to me to compliment it and we ended up chatting. She was a huge Merrill fan, and super cute to boot. I grabbed her card to get her contact info because seriously, cute Merrill fans.

That pretty much sums up my con. I'm super proud of myself for my shopping, too. I feel like I spent my money better than ever this year. Here's what I got:

-GSC Rin Tohsaka yukata ver figure ($100)
-Dear Drops limited edition ($45)
-picked up my commission from last year of f!Hawke/Merrill ($40, but I paid $20 for it as a deposit last year so $60 total)
-Girls und Panzer Katuysha/Nonna doujin ($22)
-Fate/Zero Lancer/Saber doujin ($24)
-DJ Schwarzenegger CD from the Hardcore Synergy table ($20)
-Tanto Cuore playmat ($20)
-Megami April 2013 ($13, actually got this at Mitsuwa)
-Type Moon trading figure (got Saber) ($5)
-various Medaka Box blind box charms (got 2 Shiranui, Kikaijima, and Medaka, miscellaneous prices from $7-$12)
-I <3 Brown Eyed Girls pin ($5)

Not many impulse buys, more bigger stuff this year, etc. Good job, self!

I feel kind of bad, though. I didn't see much of Brooke and Holly, and actually kinda avoided them. Not because of either of them, though, but because Brooke's girlfriend was always around and I do NOT like her and wanted to interact with her as little as humanly possible. Urgh. But aside from that? Best ACen yet.
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My favorite time of the year! I'll be going to Chicago Thursday morning like usual. My group this year is almost entirely ACen newbies, too. I have Katie, but aside from her? It's Korey, DJ, Cody, and Cody's girlfriend. Should be a fun time. I'm cosplaying Rin Tohsaka from Fate/Stay Night, Rarity from MLP, and maybe Applejack from MLP and/or fem!England from Hetalia. Rin's particularly exciting. This is the first costume where I've actually sewn any of it myself. I made the skirt from scratch.

My list of shit I want to do is crazy long so I'm not even going to try to list it all out here. My schedule on the guidebook app is absurd and has conflicts that I intentionally left in so I have a backup option listed on my phone if something I want to do is full or something. A few guaranteed things, though:

Kalafina concert
at least one of the raves
visual novel and doujin panels
stuff Helen McCarthy and Yuu Asakawa are doing
yuri panels

So. much. to. do.

Also, re; college, SO FUCKING GLAD I'M HOME. My GPA kinda got shot in the face because fuck finite, but I did pretty okay in everything else and holy shit I love not being in dorms. My schedule for fall is far more appealing, too.

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Sigh. I hate how much nerds tend to fit a certain mold. Specifically the whole not liking "normal" social functions and preferring to stay in and be online instead of go out on the weekends. I have a hard time making friends with people who aren't at least a little bit nerdy. I've found that most people I've met who aren't nerds don't really have any passion for anything. I don't understand people like that and I can't connect with them. But as a consequence, pretty much all of my friends are the would rather stay at home on tumblr types. Which means I never have anyone to go out to bars with and this fucking sucks. Especially not since the safety promoting types are constantly on about how you shouldn't go out drinking by yourself and shit. And the number of rape cases reported in my school's newspaper is a pretty solid deterrent to going out alone, too. I did go out by myself on Saturday night, though, and I had an awesome time. But it's frustrating because I'd like to go out with friends but all of my friends are too shy/introverted/quiet/whatever. The ones who are even of age, anyway.

It's kind of funny, when you think about it. A lot of nerds love to claim they're nonconformist or what have you but really a ton of them just conform to a different mold.

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Mar. 29th, 2013 11:06 pm
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Not much has been going on for me. Things are calmer now. I've been watching anime, playing games, and gearing up for ACen. A couple people dropped out of my room but I replaced at least one of them. Still trying to find more, though. Gah. I need to sell some junk or something, but that's hard when I don't really even have access to my possessions right now because college. Grr.

Also, oh my god. You know what I hate? When people decide they don't like you for no apparent reason. This has happened to me twice. There's a girl that was in a club I did last semester (and stopped because of a class conflict), works in the same place I do, and is also joining the same sorority I'm joining (it's an LGBT focused one that doesn't include housing). Now logically, it'd only make sense for us to at least try to get along, since we're going to be sorority sisters and all, on top of the other two mutual things we have there. But she's just really cold and bitchy to me every time I try to talk to her. I gave up because what's the point if you're going to be like that? But just. Wow.

The other is a girl that was in my German 100 class, is in my Lord of the Rings linguistics class, and is also in the tabletop gaming club. She just. Decided that she hates me and is going to be bitchy and start fights with me in response to me trying to talk to her. Whatever, she can go fuck herself, but just. Why the fuck do people decide they're going to hate someone without even knowing jack shit about them? Especially when it'd be in their best interest to at least be on decent terms with them. Just. Whatever. I'm better than that, so if either of them decide they want to stop being bitches I'll put it all in the past, but just. Wow.

Anyway, meme again.

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Finally I can breathe again. It's nice to just not do things for a week. To be back home and have a big bed, unlimited access to my puppy, and daily access to my boyfriend ;3;

Nothing exciting happening, really. I'm working on sewing a skirt.

Back to that meme.

Day 03 – Your parents

My dad's a high school teacher and my mom works at a state park.

I don't have the best relationship with either, though it could certainly be worse as well.

I fucking hate how, because my dad's practically a local celebrity (he's been teaching for a long time so tons of people know him, god small towns are sad), people are obsessed with trying to relate me to him. I have people assuming I'm good at science and tennis because he's a chemistry teacher and tennis coach. The most offensive, though, is people who say "oh, you're probably so smart because of your dad!" I hate that so much.

Day 01 - Introduce Yourself
Day 02 - Your first love

Day 04 – What you ate today
Day 05 – Your definition of love
Day 06 – Your day
Day 07 – Your best friend
Day 08 – A moment
Day 09 – Your beliefs
Day 10 – What you wore today
Day 11 – Your siblings
Day 12 – What’s in your bag
Day 13 – This week
Day 14 – What you wore today
Day 15 – Your dreams
Day 16 – Your first kiss
Day 17 – Your favorite memory
Day 18 – Your favorite birthday
Day 19 – Something you regret
Day 20 – This month
Day 21 – Another moment
Day 22 – Something that upsets you
Day 23 – Something that makes you feel better
Day 24 – Something that makes you cry
Day 25 – A first
Day 26 – Your fears
Day 27 – Your favorite place
Day 28 – Something that you miss
Day 29 – Your aspirations
Day 30 – One last moment
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So. Life punched me in the face over the past couple weeks. I don't really want to talk about it but I've been stressed like crazy, ugh.

In brighter news, Korey and I had a nice Valentine's Day. We went to an Irish restaurant and a Harry and the Potters concert.

Now how about another post of that meme?

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So, a few things have happened since Korey and I celebrated our anniversary. Mostly good things. I did break up with my girlfriend, though. It just wasn't working out romantically anymore, there's no animosity between us. Aside from that, I've been busy with classes and with events and the like. My friend Rob had me and some other people over to marathon all 3 of the extended versions of the Lord of the Rings movies, which was fucking awesome. I made a new friend while I was there, too. Then, a couple weeks ago mom and Korey both came to visit and we all went to see Joshua Bell and the Cleveland Orchestra in concert. It was, of course, incredible. Then this weekend has been fucking great. There's an annual PRIDE film festival going on. I worked as an usher for it on Thursday and Friday night, which got me into the films free (not that it mattered since I also bought a pass) and a free shirt (which is extremely cool). Whoever designed the shirts is awesome because the deal is that it has the film festival's logo on the back, and the front is blank. At the festival, though, there was an iron on station where you could pick which icons you wanted. Mine has three bi icons in a diagonal line and it looks really cool. I made new friends at the festival, too. Also, unfortunately technical difficulties forced them to stop the movie before it was done, but the Swedish film Kyss Mig is extremely impressive. One of the main characters is actually bi and it's actually handled really well.

Last night was particularly interesting. First I went and got my hair done because it was a fucking disaster and my neck desperately needed shaved. I've been going to the hair salon in the union building, but they fucked up so badly last time that I said hell no and found a new place (though the union salon is closed on Saturdays anyway). I wandered into a nice little place by a couple bars and got a really fucking cute haircut that I love, and also on a whim put some color in it. It's a mixture of blue and violet that came out as this really sexy purple-ish dark blue. It's just a streak on the right side. This caused me to be 5 minutes late for the opera, but it was worth it. I was dressed for a rave while at the opera, also. The show was Xerxes, and it was excellent. Worth skipping yesterday's films at PRIDE for (I already had my Xerxes ticket way in advance). Also, both my night and the other nights' performer for Xerxes were actually women so I really couldn't unsee him as a butch lesbian. Oops. It didn't help that the woman he ends up with has super short hair for most of the opera.

After the opera I went straight back to the Buskirk-Chumley where the festival is for the dance party. It was so fun omfg. For one thing, I got to see Ali again for the first time since her class ended, and I hung out with her and her friends for most of the night. Also I kinda sorta made out with three different women. Oh yes. That was nice.

Oh also a couple things I'm late to mention:

1. This is my class schedule for this semester:
German: G150
Italian: FRIT-M 100
Finite matematics (shoot me in the face oh my god)

Then I have a Lord of the Rings linguistics class that doesn't start until the 2nd 8 weeks.

2. Korey and I found and leased an apartment. It's a 1 bedroom near the stadium and we can have my puppy. <3

Anyway, 30 Days of Me meme!

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This is kind of overdue, but January 13th was Korey and my 1 year anniversary. We celebrated by going to Indianapolis and going to the art museum, Circle Center Mall, the Canal, Rocket Fizz candy shop, Castleton Mall, and the Rathskeller restaurant (this was over the course of 2 days), and then came back to Bloomington and went to Les Mis. He got me a German pfennig from 1875 and Pokemon Black 2, and I got him White 2.

Also, at Build-A-Bear in Castleton Mall, we were....utterly ridiculous.

The German shepard is his and it represents me, and the husky is mine and represents him. We use them as cuddling stand-ins. Also they both have voice chips in them that we recorded at the store of us saying I love you to each other. In German.

We're total saps but I wouldn't have it any other way <3
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This is a positive entry focusing on both the good that happened on break and the good to come in the next week. I've been dwelling on death and that needs to stop. Neither my cat nor my great aunt would want that.

Over break, I had a great time with friends and family both. I regret not spending more time with my dad, but hey. Mom, Korey, and I went to Chicago for the Christmas market pretty early into break and had a great time. That trip also rekindled my love of art. Christmas Eve was lovely at grandma's, though I both missed my sister and was horribly jealous of her since they were in Hawaii. Grr. All my jealousy. Christmas itself was excellent, too. Both of these gatherings were special to me since they showed me just how much my family has accepted Korey. I never thought this was where our relationship would end up, but now I'm having trouble picturing a future without him.

It finally snowed hard after Christmas and I got my chance to play in the snow that I'd been dreaming of for the past few years. It was great, albeit short-lived. Sledding and snowballs and lovely hot chocolate once it was all done. Yes. Perfect.

I got a chance to see quite a few of my friends, too. Brooke turned 21 and I went out with her and her family for that. Later, Korey and I took DJ and Cody and met with Brooke and Stephanie (...and Brooke's girlfriend but I'd prefer to forget I had to deal with that child) at the mall. It was quite nice. I hadn't seen Stephanie in months, so getting a chance to catch up with her was wonderful.

New Year's Eve Korey and I went to my cousin and her husband's apartment for a small party, which was quite enjoyable and hilarious and fairly drunken. Spending New Year's with someone special is another thing I've wanted to do for a long time but never got the chance to until now.

On the 2nd we drove to Chicago again to get Katie. We went on a double date with her and her boyfriend in Chinatown, then drove back to Angola with her to end break on a pretty great note. She spent Sunday night and part of Monday here in Bloomington. We took her to the Kinsey Institute because she wanted to see it (...and now we have Kinsey scale shirts. Mine's a 5 and her's is a 4 lmao).

As for looking forward, Korey is here right now and I'm heading down to meet him. We're going to start looking for apartments. He's staying until Friday and going home for a night, then coming back for the rest of the weekend to celebrate our anniversary. I am so excited ;3;
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Why do people always seem to die at the same time? Sunday night, my great aunt that lives here in Bloomington passed away. She was really cool and I'm kicking myself for not spending more time with her. I'm glad I did get a chance to see her and talk to her some, though, but I feel like I should've done a better job. Mmh.
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So. Mystic is dead. My big huge fuzzy blob kitty. I'll never see him again. He'll never be there to snuggle with me. I'll never hear him purr ever again. He died Saturday night. He had fluid in his lungs. There was nothing we could do. Or well, we could've had the fluid drained, but the likelihood that it would've helped was pretty low, since this is a condition that normally comes from tumors that were probably way too far along to remove. It just would've prolonged the inevitable. It was awful watching him struggle to breathe.

He was 14 years old. He was a wonderful, wonderful cat. May he rest in peace.
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My New Year's Eve was pretty excellent. My cousin and her husband have a nice little apartment and they hosted a small party that Korey and I went to. It was quite fun. It was nice just spending New Year's with someone I love for the first time ever. It was nice having something like this. Also, first New Year's spent not with my parents.

Now, the year as a whole. It had its ups and downs for sure, but overall I'd say it was a good year. In January I met the man that I fell in love with. Sure as hell wasn't expecting it to play out like it did, but I'm happy and he's happy and I'm so glad it turned out this way. Along the way I've been depressed to the point of being suicidal a few times, I lost a couple friends this year, McDonald's broke me physically and nearly broke my spirit before I quit, and I fell and scraped my knee so badly that there's still a scar there (and that happened in June). Lots of shit happened to me. But I also fell in love. I went to a rave and had a blast. I lost weight (though Jesus God I need to lose more). I got to start college. I'm actually taking German now. I got a girlfriend. I slept with a woman for a first time. I've made some new friends. I joined a fencing club, participated in a tournament, and actually won a bout. I joined a quidditch team. So yes, overall a good year. Hoping 2013 will be as well.

My resolution is the same thing it always is. Lose weight. Urgh, tired of being fat.

I'm also going to try harder to practice my violin more and draw more often. I'll need to if I ever hope to get better at these things.

Here's hoping for a good 2013~
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So Korey and I have nearly been together for a year. Our anniversary is January 13th. I never thought this relationship would turn out like this. When he asked me out and I said yes, I was thinking "hey, it may be fun, and it'd probably good to get more experience with relationships under my belt." I was expecting it to be over by the time I went to IU. But then somewhere along the line my feelings changed, and I'm so glad they did.

I love him. I'm so glad I met him. So glad I didn't say no or tell him I was a lesbian when he asked me out. So glad I gave him a chance. I'm glad he saw more in me at work than a frigid bitch that hated her life because lolMcDonald's. I've never been so happy in my life. So forgive me, DW/LJ, I just needed to flail.
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Everything's been great. My sister's in freakin' Hawaii so she wasn't at grandma's (so jealous lmao, and I did miss her) but she had gifts left for us. She got me socks, fancy lotion, and a Barnes and Noble gift card, and grandma gave me money. She gave Korey a little, too ;3; so sweet of her. It was a pretty good Christmas at grandma's thing, with the usual candy, and getting to see my cousins was so nice as always. God I missed them. Especially Chelsea ;3;.

Then this morning was standard and nice. Korey was here too. Pics, haul, etc under the cut.

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Dec. 15th, 2012 07:16 pm
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So uh. You know that bit of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas break where college destroys you? Uh yeah. Ouch. I am so glad that's over. I passed my math class (it's a pass/fail) and got a B+ in German (would've been higher but I overslept one too many days). Don't know my final grades for the others yet. Now I'm just delighted to be home with no responsibilities for 3 weeks. I plan to spend it going on some day trips, hanging out with some people, drinking, and being a nerd.

Today's accomplishments:

-Slept in until 11 AM hell yes
-Watched today's MLP episode, and the 2 Lemongrabs episode of Adventure Time, finally
-got my Houndoom up a couple more levels
-went to the YMCA
-played with the puppy a lot
-downloaded a bunch of Ke$ha music because I want Korey to hate me

Today's been awesome. Also I got a couple boxes in the mail from WeLoveFine. Now I have another Lemongrab shirt, a Fionna and Cake shirt, another Rarity shirt, and Rainbow Dash shorts. Yay.

School kicked my ass so that's really all I have to say. Hi guys.
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First I'd like to remind you all that I'm possibly offering Christmas cards but I'll need your addresses if you want one.

Also I'm doing that holiday wishes meme again because why not. I throw it up every year.

Make a post (public, friends-locked, filtered... whatever you're comfortable with) to your LJ. The post should contain your list of ten holiday wishes. The wishes can be anything at all, from simple and fandom-related ("I'd love a Snape/Hermione icon that's just for me") to medium ("I wish for _____ on DVD") to really big ("All I want for Christmas is a new car/computer/house/TV"). The important thing is to make sure these wishes are things you really, truly want.

If you wish for real life things (not fics or icons), make sure you include some sort of contact info in your post, whether it's your address or just your email address where Santa (or one of his elves) can get in touch with you. Your home address is not required!
Make sure you post some version of these guidelines in your LJ/Dreamwidth so that the holiday joy will spread.

Surf around your friends list (or friendsfriends, or just random journals) to see who has posted their list. And now, here's the important part...

If you see a wish you can grant, and it's in your heart to do so, make someone's wish come true. Sometimes one person's trash is another's treasure, and if you have a leather jacket you don't want or a gift certificate you won't use - or even know where you could get someone's dream purebred Basset Hound for free - do it.

You needn't spend money on these wishes unless you want to. The point isn't to put people out, it's to provide everyone a chance to be someone else's holiday elf - to spread the joy. Gifts can be made anonymously or not - it's your call. There are no guarantees with this project, and no strings attached. Just... wish, and it might come true. Give and you might receive. You'll have the joy of knowing you made someone's holiday special.

1. German language practice partners. I have skype, and just writing back and forth in German works, too, but I need practice.

2. A donation to The ASPCA in my name

3. Adopt an endangered species from The World Wildlife Federation for me. Any animal would be appreciated, but I'd particularly like it to go to a tiger, gray wolf, snow leopard, arctic fox, Darwin's fox, red fox, or anaconda. Honestly, any of the foxes in particular would be preferable.

4. f!Hawke/Merrill, Isabela/Bethany, and Zevran/Wynne fanworks (Dragon Age 2 and Origins). I'd especially love it if you used my custom Hawke. If anyone wants to do that I'll upload a picture of her. Default Hawke is fine too though.

5. Points for my crunchyroll account so renewing it isn't so expensive, or a 6 month or year subscription. My username is feuerwerke.

6. Hairclips. Cute hairclips make me super happy.

7. Healthy recipes that are also delicious

8. Music! Just make me a mixtape of songs you think I'd like, either by just giving me a mediafire link, or the old fashioned way, burning it onto a CD.

9. Volunteer at your local animal shelter. Just comment here to say you did it afterward. That'll make me smile.

10. A giftcard to Noodles & Co or Potbelly's. Hungry college student and all.

Just ask me for my address if you want to do anything you'd need it for.


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