Jul. 30th, 2013

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Oh hey so uh. I had surgery. That is a thing that happened. Specifically I had a tummy tuck and a breast lift. I'll be honest, I've been I bit embarrassed to talk about it. Cosmetic surgery of any sort has so many negative connotations, after all, unless it's medically necessary. I just. Really hated how my stomach looked with all that loose flabby skin hanging off it. My boyfriend wants me to ride him during sex a lot but I almost always refuse or stop and ask that we change positions not long after we start because I hate my stomach so much and hearing it slapping against his skin while I moved was so embarrassing I just wanted to cry. That should tell you how much that fucking skin bothered me. There was so much of it that it constantly formed a bulge in my shorts or pants and it made me look so fat...Also hey, girls, you know about underboob sweat, right? Well imagine the same thing only under your stomach. And it's like 10x worse. Yeah see why I went the "vapid" and "shallow" route of getting a tummy tuck now?

As for the breast lift, just. My breasts sagged so far that my nipples were almost touching my belly button. That was not appealing. Korey did a lot of reassuring me that it looked fine, promised me that he just really liked how big they were and the sagging didn't bug him, etc, and it really helped a lot and my confidence went way up on that issue thanks to him, but it still always bugged me. The sagging almost to my bellybutton thing was just too much.

I'm really REALLY glad I got both these surgeries. I absolutely love my breasts now. For one thing they are smaller (albeit still huge), since excess skin around the tops of my breasts came off, so that may help my back some. But they just look so nice. I'm not ashamed to admit I've been taking off my bra and staring at my breasts every so often. I'm just so happy with how they look!

I'm really happy with my stomach, too, but there's still quite a bit of swelling so it's not really flat yet. My breasts are also swollen, but it's easier to tell their shape and what have you now. But yes, all in all I'm VERY happy I had all of this done. I plan on having brachioplasty sometime within the year, too, but there's not enough time before the fall semester starts to do it soon. That's where they get rid of the loose skin that hangs off the upper arms, for the record.

The recovery has been rough, though. I'm lucky I have my boyfriend because I've needed a lot of help from him. For the first couple days I was in a lot of pain and could barely get up to go to the bathroom even with help. When I had to go, Korey would hold my hands and try to pull me up but pretty often I had to stop him because it hurt and we'd have to wait for me to be ready to try again. It usually took several tries.

Also, the absolute worst part of this? Drains. Thanks to the tummy tuck, I've had two drains in my stomach that go in around the pubic area. The areas where they went in hurt like hell. They suck out fluid that gets trapped in this area in my stomach where it'd have nowhere else to go and I've had to empty them and monitor how much fluid they get. Not fun. I got one of them out today and that was not a fun process either. I almost passed out. I really just want them both gone already though!

Finally, under the cut here I'm going to share a picture of myself from a couple days ago. Now, before you click the read more, note that 1. I'm naked in this. It cuts off above my crotch, but bare breasts. If you don't want to see my breasts, don't click, and 2. There are scars. I mean come on duh I had surgery. It's nothing extreme, you can't see my stomach scars or the scars under my breasts, just the ones around my nipples. But still. Anyway, now that all that's out of the way.

I'm not worried about putting this up online since it's a surgical healing documentation not a sexual nude jfc )
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I didn't want to put it in with that other post since the read more would have this shit and then my naked tits so here it is by itself.

Day 09 – Your beliefs

I assume this means religious beliefs? Well, I'm Catholic. It's kinda sad, I feel less comfortable telling people I'm Catholic than I do that I'm bisexual. The way bashing Christianity has become so widely accepted on the internet really upsets me. It's pretty common for religious people to not believe every last word of their religion, and it's entirely possible for someone who's Christian to not be homophobic or whatever else. I mean again I am Catholic and bisexual. It's ridiculous, too, because it seems like only Christians get this. Most people who are in fandom and practice say, Islam or Judaism probably aren't following it to a T. And this is okay. I feel like blindly following is bad, but that doesn't make religion bad.

PS, our new pope recently publicly said that he doesn't judge homosexuals, in case y'all missed it.

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Day 29 – Your aspirations
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