Mar. 29th, 2013


Mar. 29th, 2013 11:06 pm
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Not much has been going on for me. Things are calmer now. I've been watching anime, playing games, and gearing up for ACen. A couple people dropped out of my room but I replaced at least one of them. Still trying to find more, though. Gah. I need to sell some junk or something, but that's hard when I don't really even have access to my possessions right now because college. Grr.

Also, oh my god. You know what I hate? When people decide they don't like you for no apparent reason. This has happened to me twice. There's a girl that was in a club I did last semester (and stopped because of a class conflict), works in the same place I do, and is also joining the same sorority I'm joining (it's an LGBT focused one that doesn't include housing). Now logically, it'd only make sense for us to at least try to get along, since we're going to be sorority sisters and all, on top of the other two mutual things we have there. But she's just really cold and bitchy to me every time I try to talk to her. I gave up because what's the point if you're going to be like that? But just. Wow.

The other is a girl that was in my German 100 class, is in my Lord of the Rings linguistics class, and is also in the tabletop gaming club. She just. Decided that she hates me and is going to be bitchy and start fights with me in response to me trying to talk to her. Whatever, she can go fuck herself, but just. Why the fuck do people decide they're going to hate someone without even knowing jack shit about them? Especially when it'd be in their best interest to at least be on decent terms with them. Just. Whatever. I'm better than that, so if either of them decide they want to stop being bitches I'll put it all in the past, but just. Wow.

Anyway, meme again.

does anyone care about this shit? )


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