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So. I am getting a tattoo on January 6th. I'm ridiculously excited about this. I'm getting violin f holes on my lower back. I've wanted this for a long time, but my fluctuating weight has always made me feel like I can't. Now that I actually can, I'm really happy.

Also I actually get to go home for Christmas! They gave Korey Christmas Day and the 26th off, and we're going to hang out with the guys back in Angola on the 26th. Ah, this is so nice~ It looks like the plan is basically this: my parents are coming to Bloomington tomorrow. We'll probably head back to Angola tomorrow night, then leave for Chicago early on Christmas Eve and take the South Shore in. Then after we're done at the Christmas market we'll go back to Angola and stay there until it's time for Korey and I to leave on the 26th.

So yeah all in all things are good and I am happy. Oh, I even figured out cheap but effective Christmas gifts for my parents. I bought a huge bottle of PBR for my dad since he was a hipster before hipsters were hipsters and it's his favorite beer. I'm getting mom some coffee from the international market today. Still need to figure out a gift for my boyfriend's family, though.

...Speaking of Korey he shouldn't have given me permission to pick up the gift he got me because I am now 99% sure it is an alcohol gift pack but that makes me super happy (and I really hope it's a honey Jack pack)
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